7e. General Advancement: Public or Private Grants

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Public or Private Grants will evaluate the overall impact of both public and private grant programs on their associated institutions, students and/or community.

Entry Questions

Entry Instructions

Judging Criteria

Non-English Entries

Entry Questions
  • Title of entry.
  • Provide a concise summary of your entry. If your entry is selected for an award, your summary will be used in award-related materials. Please limit response to 250 words.
  • Briefly describe your institution/organization (type, enrollment FTE, mission).
  • List the names, titles and roles of primary staff contributors and note their significant contributions.
  • List your target audience(s) and how you addressed their needs, if applicable.
  • If outside vendors/consultants were used, please explain what role they played.
  • Why do you think your entry is distinctive? Entrants can emphasize budget, staff, challenges addressed, goals met, meeting the mission, serving the target audience or anything else that makes your entry worthy of an award. Please limit response to 500 words.
  • Describe your goals/objectives and how they were measured/met. If this is a recently launched program, describe your plans to evaluate it.
  • Total number of participants, if applicable.
  • Total annual budget for the program, including the cost of vendors/consultants (excluding salaries).
  • Total number of individuals served, if applicable (replace number of participants question.
  • Feel free to provide any additional information that clarifies the purpose and/or outcome of this work (including any comments about attachments).
  • So that we may recognize our winners through social media, please provide your institution's preferred @handle and/or #hashtag (For example: @CASEAdvance #CASECOE).
Entry Instructions

Each grant constitutes a single entry. You may enter as many as you wish. Grants, regardless of implementation duration, must have been completed during the previous calendar year.

Submit your entry with attachments through our online entry process.

Your entry form and supporting documents must be submitted online no later than March 1, 2019. This category will be reviewed electronically. However, please print out your entry application for your records.

Judging Criteria

Grand Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze awards may be given to the best Public or Private Grant Project..

The judges will look for entries that specifically:

  • Exhibit good planning and objectives and show solid results
  • Show an understanding of the target audience(s)
  • Serve as models for other institutions and are replicable
  • Reflect strategic management of available resources
  • Support the mission or strategic goals of the institution
  • Demonstrate a measurable positive impact on the institution, students and/or community

Non-English Entries

CASE welcomes entries in other languages besides English in this category. While entry questions must be completed in English to facilitate judging, entry materials written in languages other than English are eligible for recognition as long as such materials are accompanied by brief explanations written in English.

You will be able to attach materials and include explanations in English during the online entry process.