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Silver Award

Watkins College of Art, Design and Film (Tennessee) - Watkins College of Art Website

Watkins College of Art, Design and Film

  • After an exacting discovery process and wholesale reinvention of the college's brand, Watkins understood that its largest ambassadorial platform——needed to reflect its new self-perception. This intended reimagination on Watkins' part was not new for the sake of novelty, however, but rather was the result of deep introspection concerning the role of creative economists in our society today, and in turn the role art and design conservatories play in fostering them. Translating that via a website, however, involved embracing a risk as bold as what was discovered and committed to during that discovery process.

Lesley University (Massachusetts) - Lesley University Website

Lesley University

  • The Lesley University website showcases academics, offers insight into campus experience, and extends its newly coined brand to its web presence. The innovative new website is designed for a mobile-first viewing experience, supports a robust content strategy with clear calls to action, provides intuitive access to vital university information for a variety of key audiences, maintains a relatively flat page hierarchy, and provides a rich visual brand experience.

Southwestern University (Texas) - Website Redesign 2017

Southwestern University

  • In November 2017, Southwestern University launched a completely redesigned website built to communicate the institution's newly refined brand. Informed by extensive market analysis and stakeholder research, and built with the help of experts in user experience, visual design, content strategy, and programming, the new website shows prospective students and their families the qualities and unique value proposition of the Southwestern experience.

Washington University in St. Louis - Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University in St. Louis

  • In 2017, the School of Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis launched a completely overhauled and redesigned website. Arts & Sciences is the heart of Washington University and the largest of the four undergraduate schools, comprising around 50 academic units, 6,000 students and 1,000 faculty and staff.

Bronze Award

Denison University (Ohio) - Denison University Redesign

Denison University

  • Denison University approached Bluecadet to quickly optimize and elevate its website in time for the new admissions cycle. The engagement began with a strategic assessment of the site, including a review of content needs and opportunities.

Individual Sub-Websites

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Boston University (Massachusetts) - Student Health Services Website Redesign

Boston University

  • Boston University's Student Health Services website underwent a refresh and redesign to reflect Student Health Services' overall brand but still provide an identity to each of the departments, both existing and new, within Student Health Services. The project also focused on organization and utility to improve how students, parents, patients, and internal staff interact with and understand Student Health Services and each of the arms of the department.

University of Michigan - The Michigan Engineer News Center: An Audience-Centered News Site

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

  • This redesigned news site for the College of Engineering at the University of Michigan showcases high-quality stories, videos and images in a way that is engaging and easy to navigate, reflecting the best practices of national and international news sites.

Indiana University- MoneySmarts Website

Indiana University

  • is the website for IU's Office of Financial Literacy. It seeks to give students the information and tools they need to be financially successful. While the program had an existing website, this project completely reimagined it, creating a more engaging experience, an easier to user interface, and more robust content.

Silver Award

Boston University (Massachusetts) - Boston University School of Medicine/Shipley Prostate Cancer Research Center Website

Boston University

  • The Shipley Prostate Cancer Research Center website was developed as part of a gift from BU Trustee Richard Shipley to educate the public about prostate cancer (the website) and to improve the diagnosis and treatment of prostate cancer (the research center).

The University of British Columbia - UBC In Memoriam Site

The University of Bristish Columbia

  • In 2017, UBC's Annual Giving team embarked on the task of overhauling our In Memoriam website. The site was first established in 2011, and comprises two platforms: Symphony, which hosted the site content, and Artez, which was used for donation functionality. After consultations with both internal stakeholders and people who had previously used or were currently using the site, it was determined that the site needed to be updated to one that better suited the needs of families, friends and donors. Additionally, steps needed to be taken to streamline internal processes related to site maintenance, stability, functionality and gift processing. In order to achieve this, UBC's Annual Giving team migrated the site to Wordpress and built a new donation form using Artez.

Bronze Award

Boston University (Massachusetts) - Boston University Office of the President Website

Boston University

  • This website provides the visitor with an easy, intuitive way to navigate important information featuring dynamic promotions that highlight the energy of the university, showcasing strategic campus initiatives that were begun or have been been completed under President Robert A. Brown's leadership, providing a "Who? What? Where?" resource for users looking for senior administrative contacts, resources, or general information, and presenting President Brown as the face of this vibrant, energetic university.

University of Virginia - University of Virginia Giving Day Website: GivingToHoosDay

University of Virginia

  • The UVA GivingToHoosDay website was designed and built entirely in-house to serve as the heart of the annual online giving day. Through real-time data updates and interactive features, this site engaged more than 7,000 alumni, parents, and friends in a record-breaking $3 million, 24-hour event. This online experience calls upon alumni, students, parents, faculty, and friends worldwide to join others and support their favorite university area.

The Ohio State University - Ohio State Insights

The Ohio State University

  • Ohio State Insights is a new website and complementary e-newsletter that Ohio State launched in 2017 to raise awareness of its research and thought leadership among external audiences (i.e., people who do not have a relationship with the university as students, alumni, patients or friends).

University of California, Davis - What Can I Do With My Major? Blog

University of California, Davis

  • UC Davis created a blog around majors and what opportunities exist for each major, helping students connect the dots to their desired career. This effort was the most successful blog at UC Davis to date, driving significant traffic and new visitors to the main UC Davis website and increasing the visibility of our programs to prospective students.

Bentley University (Massachusetts) - Bentley University Graduate Admission Website

Bentley University

  • The Graduate Admission website for Bentley University was redesigned from a program-centric one to an outcome- or career-centric site in five months. Bentley University put the customer at the center of all its decisions and, as such, every interaction on the site is a path towards learning more about the career outcomes afforded by graduate business (MBA and MS) programs.