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Gold Award

Clark University (Massachusetts) - Robotic Worms 

Clark University

  • This photo accompanied a CLARK Magazine story about a student who performs research on earthworms that is informing further work on robots that could be used in military situations or in medical diagnoses and treatments. The photo was taken through a glass tank full of hydrogels, in which a worm was tunneling, while the student worked on the other side.

Middlebury College (Vermont) -  Bandaloop

Middlebury College

  • Bandaloop came and performed at Middlebury College, on its arts building to celebrate the 25th anniversary. One of the dancers is an alum.

University of Central Florida - Spirit Splash

University of Central Florida

  • Students clamor for collectible rubber ducks, the signature souvenir tossed to participants during UCF's Spirit Splash. The popular homecoming tradition is the only time Knights are allowed access into the Reflecting Pond, an iconic fountain on campus. The annual event is a wet and wild pep rally that leads up to the homecoming football game.

Santa Clara University (California) - Santa Clara Magazine - "Flow, River, Flow" - by photographer Robin Mayoff

Santa Clara University

  • Robin Mayoff's photo of the South Yuba River in California captures the torrent that the river became when a series of epic storms hit California in winter 2016-2017.

Silver Award

Pacific Lutheran University (Washington) - Gloria, Christmas 2017 - by photographer John Froschauer

Pacific Lutheran University

  • Every year PLU, hosts a series of Christmas concerts. This year using the theme of "Gloria," it decided to do a light-inspired portrait to capture the spirit of the concert while uplifting the student musicians.

Stanford University (California) - "Visionary" -  by photographer Jeffrey Goldberg

Stanford University

  • Brian Smale's photograph is an engaging portrait of Jeffrey Goldberg, chair of Stanford's ophthalmology department. This portrait is a creative presentation of Dr. Goldberg shown in a somewhat mysterious space, peeking behind a semi-transparent screen where most of his body is soft focus while the "eye" is in sharp focus, showing how his research is centered on eye research.

University of Washington - Anna Faris (2017) - by photographer Quinn Russell Brown

University of Washington
  • Actress Anna Faris created a new role for herself: relationship advice giver. Her podcast, "Anna Faris is Unqualified," invites listeners to gripe about their heartache on the air. She has recorded more than 100 episodes featuring famous guests from comedy, film and music. She also penned a memoir, Unqualified, which reflects on an awkward childhood, a career in comedy and an eight-year Hollywood marriage to actor Chris Pratt.

The Brearley School (New York) - Brearley in Formation, Winter 2017 Brearley Bulletin - by photographer Jordan Hollender

The Brearley School

  • The feature story of the Winter 2017 issue of the Brearley Bulletin was on diversity, equity and inclusion at Brearley—the changes and enhancements the School has made to this endeavor, with input from administrators, faculty, parents, students and alumnae, stressing that for it to flourish it has to be a community collaboration.

Bronze Award

Brigham Young University (Utah) - Let it Rain by photographer Nate Edwards

Brigham Young University

  • This was photographed during a shoot of new recruits who had joined the basketball team.

University of Maryland, College Park - Twitter Pills by photographer John Consoli

University of Maryland College Park

  • The University of Maryland, College Park created this image with a pill bottle label and 3-D printed "Twitter bird" pills to illustrate an article in Terp Magazine about researchers mining social media for new drug terms.

University of Washington - Bowl Week, 2017 by photographer Quinn Russell Brown

University of Washington

  • This is a portrait of Husky Marching Band snare drummer Chris Serica to promote the Fiesta Bowl.

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Gold Award

University of Alberta (Canada) - Portraits of Diabetes by photographer Richard Siemens

University of Alberta

  • World Diabetes Day (on Nov. 14, 2017) marked 10 years of the Alberta Diabetes Institute opening its doors at the University of Alberta. Portraits of Diabetes is a celebration of this milestone. This portrait series offers a glimpse into life with diabetes—the highs and the lows of living with this chronic disease.

University of Washington - Marching Around Campus with the Band by photographer Quinn Russell Brown

University of Washington

  • Leading up to the 2017 Fiesta Bowl, Columns Magazine photographed members of the Husky Marching Band in some favorite spots on the University of Washington campus.

Silver Award

Boston University (Massachusetts) - Title: Spotlight by photographer Jackie Ricciardi

Boston University

  • Boston University recently profiled alumni Mitchell Garabedian, the lawyer who defended the victims of the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal in Boston. The goal, when making these photos, was to portray the subjects in a dark and mysterious way to coincide with the mood of the story. Photos of the lawyer, the Boston Globe reporter and a victim were taken for this submission.

Bronze Award

Boston University (Massachusetts) - Study Abroad: Cuba by photographer Janice Checchio

Boston University

  • These photos appeared with a feature story on BU Today documenting a weeklong Boston University study abroad course in Cuba. The photos served to demonstrate the variety in culture and experiences that the students encountered during their time in Havana and show the uniqueness of the course offered by Boston University.

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (California) - On Top of Their Game, Austin Hargrave for Discoveries magazine - Fall 2017

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

  • Discoveries magazine is Cedars-Sinai's flagship publication about medical research and its impact on patient care. Published twice a year, Discoveries showcases the excitement of scientific discovery and the people who benefit from it. This photo essay by freelance photographer Austin Hargrave depicts five of Cedars-Sinai's patients in treatment for Parkinson's disease. All patients have slowed the progression of the disease by committing to intense exercise.