Issues and Crisis Management

Judges' Report

15 Entries

Gold Award

Central European University (Hungary) - #IstandwithCEU - Central European University's Campaign for Academic Freedom

Central European University

  • In April 2017, the Hungarian Parliament passed legislation threatening Central European University's operations. CEU quickly conveyed that this was a threat to academic freedom, sending bilingual updates, holding press conferences, launching and managing a letter-writing campaign and a social media campaign. The result? Support from 19 Nobel Prize laureates, the president of Germany, the presidents of Harvard, Princeton, Yale, Oxford, thousands of researchers and professional organizations worldwide, as well as the president of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.

Silver Award

University of Virginia - Standing Up for Charlottesville

University of Virginia

  • On Aug. 11-12, white supremacists committed murder and other acts of violence in Charlottesville during the summer, including entering UVA's campus with torches and threatening the lives, well-being and peace of mind of the learning community Thomas Jefferson founded. As a leading voice in the university community, UVA's law school said without equivocation that we are together as one.