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Gold Award

Purdue University (Indiana) - "A Great Adventure"

Purdue University

  • "A Great Adventure" was created to serve as the emotional high point for the university's President's Council Annual Dinner, held in October 2017.

Silver Award

Brigham Young University (Utah) - "A School of Fish"

Brigham Young University

  • This documentary-style production was created to bring attention to BYU's experiential learning and mentoring opportunities.

Boston University - "The Seal"

Boston University

  • This video, prepared for a campaign leadership gala, cleverly tells a tale of BU pride (and points of pride) from the perspective of an expert student tour guide—but one who's a little... different.

Bronze Awards

University of Southern California - "Bookpacking Maymester in Louisiana"

University of Southern California

  • Video promotion of a new holistic approach to studying the humanities, offering students within the USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences an opportunity to embark on a literary journey through Louisiana and "The Big Easy."

Harvard Law School (Massachusetts) - "ALL RISE!: Reflections on the Ames Moot Court Competition at Harvard Law School"

Harvard University

  • For more than 100 years, Harvard Law School's Ames Moot Court Competition has been one of the most prestigious competitions for appellate brief writing and advocacy in the nation. This video was created to capture the essence and the legacy of the Ames Competition through interviews with former oralists and through archival footage and images of moot court competitions over the years.

Cornell University (New York) - Cornell Tech K-12 Computer Science Program

Cornell University

  • Cornell Tech's innovative K-12 computer science program helps bring computer science to NYC's public schools.

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Gold Award

Lesley University (Massachusetts) - Student Story: Rocky Cotard ‘18 - Drawing Inspiration from Heritage and History

Lesley University

  • This video features the personal and academic story of undergraduate student Rocky Cotard ‘18. Rocky is an illustration major at Lesley University, and his work is focused on exploring his Haitian culture and heritage. The video is featured on the Lesley University website as one of many stories that illustrate the student experience and the broader perspective our students bring to their work, their communities, and their professional lives after graduation.

University of California, Berkeley - Make Your Voice Count - Take the Survey

University of California, Berkeley

  • In a full-scale effort to gauge the campus experiences with sexual violence and sexual harassment, Berkeley Communications and Public Affairs worked to create an awareness of the campuswide survey, a first for the campus. The ultimate intention was to have as many survey participants as possible in order to best reflect a comprehensive survey pool. The information would be used to assess the current state of SVSH experiences and awareness, which would ultimately lead to improving policies, resources, and future actions to increase safety and security of the entire campus community.

Indiana University - That Stone-fixed Moment

Indiana University

  • This short documentary film was featured in the premiere issue of The College Magazine, the IU College of Arts and Science's recently launched online magazine. Through a poetic voiceover and compelling visuals, it focuses on the student experience at the Judson Mead Geologic Field Station in Montana. This field station is owned and operated by the College of Arts and Sciences, and it offers students from Indiana University and other institutions an intensive, hands-on opportunity to study geology and the earth sciences.

Silver Award

The University of British Columbia (Canada) - Where Will You Go?

The University of British Columbia

  • ‘Where Will You Go' is an experiential video about the wonders waiting for you at the University of British Columbia. It is unique in that rather than focusing on teaching, learning and research, it focuses on the many cultural activities available on campus. UBC has developed a varied and rich diversity of cultural attractions including world-class museums, art galleries, outdoor art, performing arts spaces and curated gardens that attract half a million visitors per year.

Wheaton College (Illinois) - We Consider Gilead

Wheaton College

  • During the 2017-2018 school year the Wheaton community is reading and thinking about the award-winning novel, Gilead, by Marilynne Robinson as our core book. This video invites the Wheaton Community to read Gilead and experience professor emeritus Joel Sheesley's art gallery inspired by the novel. Since he was still working on these paintings at the time of filming, Wheaton College had the ability to capture footage of Dr. Sheesley in the prairie, painting these pieces. The result is a gorgeous, meditative invitation to read and consider Gilead together.

Oregon State University - Out There

Oregon State University

  • Founded in 1868, Oregon State University is one of only two universities in the country to hold land, sea, space and sun grant designations. With $441 million in external research funding in 2017, a second consecutive year of record-breaking growth, Oregon State accounts for more research funding than all of the state's comprehensive public universities combined. The university conducts groundbreaking research in every part of the world and it impacts not only the state of Oregon, but also the nation and the world.

Bronze Award

Johns Hopkins University (Maryland)An Important Part of Hopkins

Johns Hopkins University

  • Continuing a nearly decade long Johns Hopkins tradition, this end-of-year video is produced as an opportunity for the university's president to say "thank you" to students, staff, faculty and alumni. While past videos have focused on comedy, musical and dance numbers and creative digital themes, this was the first animated video in the annual series.

Northeasten University (Massachusetts) - Amin Khoury Teaser Video

Northeastern University

  • Amin Khoury 2017 Distinguished Entrepreneur Award Event Teaser Video.