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Category General Observations

65 Entries

We discovered a wealth of creativity and diversity in this category. These entries show that video is a powerful communication tool and can be used for a variety of venues, channels and purposes. The strongest entries had a clear story or script, focusing the narrative and effectively conveying the intended message. Compelling and creative storytelling was most important to our judges. The top entries also held our interest throughout the entire video, demonstrated the topic's significance to the university/institution's mission, and also possessed high-quality production values. Background music and audio are also key to an effective video. We listened for music that complements the dialogue and imagery but doesn't overpower or distract. Finally, we observed many creative uses of overlays, graphics, animation and third-party b-roll that add to the overall viewing experience. (However, future entries should be more clear about how third-party footage was acquired and if proper permissions have been secured.)

Comments on Winning Entries

Gold Award

Indiana University - Olympics Beneath the Surface

  • Beautifully produced video with powerful interviews. You can tell the interviewees knew what message to convey and did it naturally. Kudos to the interviewer and production team. The b-roll and audio tracks are dramatic but not heavy-handed.

Stanford University (California) - Inside Sports Management: Pro Teams Share Their Playbooks

  • This is an excellent video that impressed us in all aspects and carried our attention throughout the 27 minutes. Extraordinary access to top-level leaders and their insight. Superb and judicious use of sports video footage. This is a video and a story worthy of ESPN's 30 for 30 series. .

Silver Award

California Institute of Technology - LIGO: Opening a New Window Onto the Universe

  • This was a strong entry that caters to a science-oriented audience, as well as a general audience. The video provides wonderful insight into the history and the work of these scientists. You can easily feel the significance and enormity of their work.

Indiana University - 2016 Year in Review: Promises that Count

  • Top 10 videos at the end of the year are a staple of many organizations. This was one generated excitement and captured our attention. The animation, graphics, text and music worked together seamlessly. This entry proves that short videos intended for social media can have as much impact and compete with longer videos with big budgets.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology - Water is Life

  • Expertly executed video that blends several interviews and excellent b-roll. The video weaves together
    many important themes. Beautiful footage of life in India.

Bronze Award

Cedars-Sinai Medical Center (California) - Precision Health at Cedars-Sinai

  • This entry hits the mark in conveying the complexity, expertise and innovation at Cedars-Sinai.

Saint Anselm College (New Hampshire) - 2015-2016 N.H. Presidential Primary Debates at Saint Anselm College

  • This entry expertly captured the excitement and valuable opportunity for students at the college. The quick edits, concise interviews and varied camera angles contribute to the "in-the-moment" feel of the debates. This is well-made video that can serve a variety of audiences.