Mobile Applications

Category General Observations

Fifteen judges made up the jury panel for the 2017 CASE Circle of Excellence Awards in the category of Digital Communications. Judges were invited from public and private institutions of higher education and also from agencies that provide services for education-based clients. Judging took place over two days of collaborative scrutiny and discussions that followed a preliminary period of pre-screening.

Criteria including presentation, effectiveness, technological considerations, and various other factors were outlined to ensure fair and comprehensive discussion on the merits of each entry. Those standard are explained for each of the subcategories below.

Criteria for Judging Award-Winning Mobile Apps

  • Uses functionality native to device, such as GPS, camera, etc.
  • Must be more than a website on a phone. 
  • Should be useful and serve an institutional purpose. 
Comments on Winning Entry

Eight Entries

Silver Award

Pacific Lutheran University (Washington) - Marty's Reformation Station App

  • This project evokes a smile, as it combines aspects of gaming, a scavenger hunt, local craftsmanship, and institutional pride. The app uses proximity engagement technology (ibeacons) in handcrafted statuettes to unlock historical facts about Martin Luther and the influence of the Reformation on public education. It engaged a high percentage of the student body and successfully sustained participation rates over the course of a month. Designed and built by in-house staff, the pilot paved the way for a project the following year.