Internal Audience Periodicals


Five Entries

Comments on Winning Entries

Gold Award

The Derryfield School (New Hampshire) - Belonging

  • This publication hit all the marks and achieved it's goals with limited resources-both in funding and staffing. The judges enjoyed the playful design.

University of Maryland College Park - Between the Columns

  • Between the Columns is a pleasantly light publication that manages to cover a broad range of topics. The judges thought the publication had beautiful visuals.

Duke University (North Carolina) - Working@Duke

  • Judges thought the stories in this publication were innovative and interesting. The stories clearly support the institutions mission and serve its primary audience.

Silver Award

University of South Carolina - USC Times

  • Judges enjoyed this publication and thought it included entertaining articles and fostered a sense of community at the institution. Very readable with a very nice layout.

Bronze Award

Northwestern University (Illinois) - Purple Prep

  • An interesting concept, an internal publication geared toward the just the incoming class. Very creative way to welcome your newest students to campus and serve their specific needs throughout the year.


19 Entries

Grand Gold Award

Temple University (Pennsylvania) - Nutshell

  • With strong and creative writing, judges enjoyed this humorous publication. Simple but effective design makes this a breeze to read. Judges also liked how it fostered a sense of community among the student readership. Very strong entry.

Gold Award

Duke University (North Carolina) - Duke Today

  • A strong showcase of news for the Duke community. Very nice layout for the digital platform. Serves its audience well.

Silver Award

Northeastern University (Massachusetts) - News@Northeastern

  • This newsletter had an impressive application with a lot of information presented in a wonderfully readable format and style.

Bronze Award 

Boston University (Massachusetts) - BU Today