Interdisciplinary Advancement Projects

Ten Entries

Comments on Winning Entries

Gold Award

University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) - Nottingham in Parliament Day (NIPD)

  • The judges thought this was an outstanding project - integrating all facets of Advancement and delivered in a meaningful and strategic way.  Exceptional results as it seems that the hard work for planning this day and bringing together many different people did help inform elected officials and increase the university's viability.
  • It seems that they brought in help to prepare and they understood who would need what kind of guidance before the day began. They seemed to anticipate all angles of need for this large event.
  • While new to Nottingham, legislative days are now fairly common and they did an immense amount of work to make their day a big hit.And that this was a first for higher education in working with Parliament, Nottingham is a trail blazer.

Silver Award

The Ohio State University - Buckeye Summit 2016 -Covening for Change

  • Judges thought tis was an Impressive and thought provoking event - definitely not your traditional alumni gathering!
  • The program had many elements that brought food security faculty experts to the forefront and as mentors to alumni and other friends who cared deeply about an important topic. It seems like a good planning exercise was undertaken by Advancement with many other areas of the institution. This project had clear goals and objectives - on a very impressive scale and with considerable budget.
  • The format was lovely - great event, nice web site. great stories on video, use of social media, etc. But I am unsure it was innovative - this was a huge undertaking by a huge university that followed a very successful script for a campaign close.
  • It was a clever way to bring attention to a community subject of great importance while showcasing the university and also drawing back alumni to their alma mater. This program reinforced thought leadership for OSU in food security while also creating an interesting way to gauge alumni and friends.

University of California, Davis  - Setting Campaign Priorities through Transformational Big Ideas

  • In preparation for an ambitious comprehensive campaign, UC Davis embarked on a unique, bottom-up process to involve all members of the campus community in producing ideas that would become campaign cornerstones. The result was 13 big ideas that will be the foundation of the campaign moving forward.
  • Judges thought this was a very innovative approach and liked the and open process for determining ideas for campaign priorities. Bold process. Generating the 13 ideas was a great outcome. It will be interesting to see if these ideas take flight in phase 2 of the campaign