In-House Print Publications

26 Entries

Category General Observations

This category drew what is quite possibly the widest array of entries in the Circle of Excellence contest, from alumni magazines and viewbooks to presidents' reports and fundraising appeals. The writing was generally strong, photography alluring and design both eye-catching and engaging. As has been recently noted by previous judges in this category, the quality of work produced by in-house art and design teams more than holds its own - if not surpasses - that of outside agencies. That said, we did receive one entry that clearly would have competed for a top prize - had it not been produced by an outside firm. And another top contender had to be disqualified for failing to submit the physical entry by the deadline.

Comments on Winning Entries

 Gold Award

Marquette University (Wisconsin) - Near West Side Story

This hands-down winner stood out for its consistent high marks on each of the category's 10 criteria. Rather than merely produce a dull recitation of revenue and expenses to comply with auditing requirements, this 32-page booklet relied on a smart design, bright graphics and the experiences of real people to tell the story of a new university-led nonprofit aiming to uplift seven neighborhoods adjacent to Marquette's campus on Milwaukee's west side. The report bolstered the necessary mission statement, goals and accomplishments with vignettes from neighborhood residents, business owners and corporate partners.

Among the judge's comments:

  • It was a well-executed concert with strong writing.
  • Definitely the top of the pack.
  • A great way to highlight how the university is having a real impact in its backyard, and is genuinely trying to improve the community.
  • An inspiring and impactful message for a post-Ferguson world.
  • Great design on a small budget ($5,000)

Silver Award

University of Central Florida - We Are UCF

The UCF viewbook plays to the institution's strengths: a sun-drenched location on a newish (circa 1963) and huge (64,000 students) campus that is "hungry and growing, with something to prove - just like you." A user-friendly map of the campus core features an aerial photo overlaid with visual cues pointing to significant locations and landmarks. Each of the university's 13 colleges are featured in half-page highlights, and key student resources are described in a conversational, accessible format. Photos and graphics are bright and inviting, and deftly capture the university's sense of place.

Bronze Award

University of Cape Town (South Africa) - Campus Life

This 12-page broadsheet newspaper is the university's "go-to" guide for new students, distributed to newcomers and their parents at fall orientation. Notable features include a "UCT lexicon" to define such insider terms as "hot seat" (weekly tutor appointment) and "meridian" (lunch break). The four-page pullout campus map was no doubt folded and referenced by many in those overwhelming first few days and weeks, while other features provided readers with the necessary overviews of student services, academic requirements, study tips, campus discounts and more.