Fundraising Publications

Judges' Report

Case Statements & General Cultivation Publications

23 entries

Silver Award

SUNY Adirondack (New York) - Reach New Heights: Case for Support


Bronze Award

Indiana University - Case Statement for Support of the Indiana University College of Arts and Sciences

Indiana CASE

Iowa State University - Forever True, For Iowa State

Forever True For Iowa State

Annual Reports & Fund Reports

49 Entries

Gold Award

Mississippi State University - Infinite Impact "Outreach" Annual Report

Mississippi Annual

Ball State University (Indiana) - Imagine Ball State without Philanthropy: Multi-Use Publication Gives Alumni and Friends a New Perspective on 100 Years of Generosity

Ball State

Silver Award

California State University, Chico -  A New Day

Chico Annual

Temple University (Pennsylvania) - LASTING IMPACT: Temple University 2015/2016 Report on Philanthropy


Bronze Award

Viewpoint School (California) - Annual Report 2015-16 Inspiring Individuality

Viewpoint Report

Individual Fundraising Publications

22 entries

Gold Award

Villanova University (Pennsylvania) - Thank You for Being Part of the Greater Great! (And a year we will never forget) 

Villanova Ignite

Bronze Award

University of Colorado - Part of your Journey: University of Colorado Stewardship Mailing 

Fundraising Publications Packages

Six Entries

Silver Award

University of South Florida - Breathing New Life into the Annual MD White Coat Campaign