Diversity Programs

The judges were excited to see more institutions are implementing programs targeted toward diverse constituents and causes. The strength among the entries were getting the community involved.

External Constituencies

11 entries

Grand Gold Award

Rice University (TX) - Celebrating 50 Years of Black Undergraduate Life at RiceIn celebration of 50 years of black undergraduate life,

  • Rice University featured a yearlong series of events designed to reflect upon Rice's history, to celebrate culture and inclusiveness, and to foster the exchange of ideas across generations.
  • Judges thought this was an excellent program that reached its goals of effectively engaging more black alumni in university activities and documenting historical information related to the integration of black students at Rice.
  • Good media coverage.

Gold Award

Arizona State University - Alumni Association Veteran Program

  • The ASUAA Veteran Program comprises three elements, all of which involve collaboration with other university programs and serve to further integrate ASUAA in the university and broader community.
  • Judges loved that this unique program focused on an often overlooked audience - veterans who share unique experiences and challenges.
  • Good use of color and service branch insignia as well as the Chapter Challenge Coins to build on the military tradition already known to this audience.

Silver Award 

University of Washington - Interrupting Privilege Alumni-Student Seminar

  • University of Washington  created a new opportunity for alumni and students to explore together race and equity issues through a combination of lectures and intimate conversations.
  • Judges thought this program was compelling way to start an important conversation about privilege ans liked that it gave alumni and students the space to address this topic in a constructive fashion.

Bronze Award

Texas A&M University - The State of Race and Policing in America Series

  • This is the type of programming that makes the judges proud to be a part of this community. It is more important than ever for schools and institutions to be facilitating difficult conversations about today's social and political events. A&M did this with class, and in a timely manner that served their community.

Internal Constituencies

11 Entries

Grand Gold Award

Pennsylvania State University - All In at Penn State: A Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion (All In)

  • The judges thought this program was an extremity innovative way to address the issues of diversity. They liked that this started as a grassroots initiative and was allowed to flourish with the support of the school. Judges also liked the social media efforts, student organization events and awareness efforts centered around the program.

Gold Award

Northern Michigan University - Remove the Label Campaign

  • Judges were impressed by this campaign and interactive event featuring individual NMU students covered in Post-it notes of the "labels" that have been put on them. It was a clever take on the issue of dealing with stereotypes. They also thought the program had a strong social media element.

 Silver Award 

Georgia Institute of Technology - 2016 Leading Women@Tech Program Launch and Closing

  • Judges thought Leading Women@Tech was an exciting way build a community of women at Georgia Tech. They liked the that it provided leadership opportunities and professional development among its core constituency. They also thought the branding and marketing around the program was strong especially when they promoted the impact of the program by highlighting success stories women involved in the program.

Bronze Award

Colorado State University - Diversity and Inclusion Initiative

  • This diversity program at Colorado State was a strong and varied diversity strategy comprised of many elements. The judges liked that measurable targets were laid out to easily measure the impact of the program. They also liked that the program was after real change on campus; not just paying lip service to the ideas behind diversity.