Alumni Relations Programs

Judges from the CASE Commission on Alumni Relations met to review the entries in the Alumni Relations programs categories.

Creative Strategies for Engaging Volunteers

11 Entries

Gold Award

Franklin & Marshall College (Pennsylvania) - Volunteers Meet the Your Home!

  • Judges thought this was an outstanding program and a great way to fit into busy lives of alum wherever they may be. It a great way to introduce a new president to alumni and deliver important information from the institution. Judges liked the simplicity and even said they would like to implement on their own campus. 

Silver Award

University of Tennessee - Around the Career Ladder - Networking with Pride Alumni

Judges liked that this program had a high ROI and good results/metrics to match. It reached out to an often overlooked audience and had a good affinity based model. It is an interesting spin on networking event for students and alumni that is both creative and effective.

Bronze Award 

National University of Singapore - NUS Day of Service

  • Judges were impressed by this program centered around community giving. More than 1,400 alumni, students and staff volunteered for 21 community projects across Singapore and overseas. This was accomplished with little budget and judges thought that every institution, from small community colleges to big four year institutions should be doing things like this. Judges also appreciated how even the NUS President rolled up his sleeves at the Willing Hearts Soup Kitchen to cook meals.  
Community College Alumni Relations

1 Entry

Holyoke Community College (Massachusetts) - Pop-Up Graduation Photo Booth

  • Judges thought this program made great use of volunteers and nice way to control costs. They also liked thought it was a good way to capture the contact data of alumni moving forward. Simple but effective!


Innovative Alumni Programs

42 Entries

Gold Award

The University of Auckland (New Zealand) - WOW: Words of Wisdom

This program has current students calling 30,000 University of Auckland alumni around the world to start a conversation. They called to reconnect alumni with their alma mater, update contact and professional details, and collect "Words of Wisdom "- a piece of advice to give to our newest graduates as a welcome from the alumni community. Judges liked the use the of current students and a phone-a-thon to increase engagement among alumni.

Silver Award

Ohio Northern University - Interactive Regional Alumni Receptions

  • "What's New at ONU" events are regional alumni receptions designed to highlight the university's highest priority each year, as well as engaging alumni in the latest university news. The judges thought this was a unique way to interact with far flung alumni and thought the use of virtual reality tools being used to bring alumni "back to campus" was innovative. They also thought this was a very cost effective program.

University of Miami (Florida) - University of Miami Presidential Inauguration - Alumni Outreach

  • As part of the inauguration of UM's sixth President, UM celebrated through a week-long series of events with the UM Alumni Association focused on alumni outreach including. The judges liked how the alumni office was able to effectively leverage leadership transition for alumni engagement opportunities.

Bronze Awards

Nova Southeastern University (Florida) - NSU Alumni Engagement Index

  • This university wide initiative measured and identified all the ways alumni engaged with the institution in order to best serve them in the future. Judges said they looked forward to seeing more of these kind of programs actually measuring engagement and liked how it involved all the colleges at the university.

Programming for Special Constituencies

25 Entries

Gold Award

Duke University (North Carolina) - Dear Duke Alum

  • Judges loved this new project to present graduating seniors with personal letters of congratulations from alumni. The panel thought it was a wonderful and highly personal way to engage both alumni and students in the institution.

Silver Award

Duke University (North Carolina) - Duke Alumni Women's Weekend 2016

  • The Duke Alumni Association hosts Women's Weekend, a three-day event addressing professional and lifestyle topics. Judges thought this was an important program that serves and effectively engages with alumni. Judges thought the session topics were innovative and liked the mentoring and professional development aspect of the program.

Bronze Award

Rice University (Texas) - Celebrating 50 Years of Black Undergraduate Life at Rice

  • In celebration of 50 years of black undergraduate life, Rice University, in conjunction with the Association of Rice University Black Alumni (ARUBA) and partners across campus,featured a year-long series of events designed to reflect upon Rice's history. Judges thought this program was a wonderful way to commemorate such an important milestone in the institutions history.


Marketing and Branding

13 Entries

Gold Award

Boston University (Massachusetts) - Alumni Weekend 2016 School and College Buttons

  • Judges raved about this series of pin on buttons created for alumni weekend that had the school mascot, particular characteristics from each school and college, and the school/college abbreviations. They thought it was a really clever way to help attendees pick faces out of a crowd and allow alumni to connect more easily. They also said they would love to replicate on their own campuses. Outstanding idea and planning. 

Silver Award

Texas A&M University - Around The Association Video Series

  • Judges thought this video series titled Around The Association was a highly effective supplement to more traditional ways of communicating (emails, mailers, etc). They said it was a great way to break out of the email/ social media fog while still delivering your message. Judges were also impressed by the social media hits and engagement around the video series.

Bronze Award

University of Southern California - USC Alumni Association Brochure

  • The USC Alumni Association brochure was designed as a marketing tool to promote the organization to USC's alumni. The judges liked how the brochure promoted the lifelong networking opportunities and wide variety of programs. The judges also appreciated how when realizing the former project did not meet expectations, staff re-designed and re-launched in order to better promote the organization. They liked how it was replicable and produced on a small budget.
Student Alumni Initiatives

17 Entries

Gold Award

University College London (United Kingdom) - UCL Philanthropy Month 2016

  • UCL Philanthropy Month celebrates those who support the University, either by giving their time or financial support. Judges loved this program and thought it was an important way to engage with students and alumni around philanthropy. Judges said UCL was doing an excellent job in leading the way for UK institutions.  They also enjoyed the many clever promotional pieces created to engage with audiences around this event. 

Silver Award

Rice University (Texas) - Sallyportal: New and Improved Networking for Rice Owls

  • is Rice's professional development platform allowing Rice students and alumni who are looking for professional development opportunities to connect with passionate alumni and parent volunteers who can assist them. The judges liked how this program engaged students and provided them with something they really need- networking opportunities. They also liked how the portal serves as more than just professional networking, but also a social center connecting students, alumni and faculty.