Advocacy Campaigns

Five Entries
General Category Observations

Judges thought the submissions in the category were strong – so strong that they decided to recognize three of the entries.

Comments on Winning Entries

Gold Award

The University of Sheffield (United Kingdom) - We Are International - Making the Case for Internationalism in UK Higher Education

Judges were impressed by this campaign, relaunched by the University of Sheffield in the aftermath of Brexit, to send a message that the United Kingdom welcomes international students and visitors and to influence policymakers to remove barriers preventing international students from visiting, studying and working in the UK. The University of Sheffield conducted extensive outreach for the campaign, bringing together peer institutions, higher education associations and the business community to support the effort. Judges thought the video produced and distributed for the campaign was well-done and contributed to the campaign's success.

Silver Award 

Pomona College (California) - Support DACA Campaign

Judges applaud Pomona College for the leadership role it played in launching the Support Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) campaign. With the fate of DACA uncertain, the institution developed a statement in support of DACA students and proactively sought support from other college and university presidents. Pomona College also had an effective news media strategy that increased the visibility of the campaign and, ultimately, its effectiveness.

Bronze Award

The University of Nottingham (United Kingdom) - Nottingham in Parliament Day

Judges were impressed by the size and scale of this effort by the University of Nottingham to "take over" Parliament by conducting 45 events in one day. Events showcased the important work happening at the institution and reinforced how the University of Nottingham and its community contributes to the UK. Judges particularly found the materials and social media aspects of the campaign compelling.