Advancement Services Programs

Overall Operations 

18 Entries 

Silver Award

University of California, Davis - Centralized Gift Processing at UC DAVIS: Our Journey to GREATness

  • The scope of this project was amazing, and it was clear that the process was good, the group did due diligence, and the outcomes were excellent. We liked the training, the efficiency, and
    the results of this project.

Donor Relations

15 Entries

Silver Award

The University of British Columbia (Canada) - Leading Lights

  • The Leading Lights entry was a new twist on an old concept. It is not only beautiful, but also adds to the overall campus vitality, and its placement on the campus very meaningful. This donor relations entry will be inspirational to other institutions trying to think of something beyond the same old donor wall.

University of Georgia- Donor Relations Marketing Overview

  • All shops could learn from this piece. The team did something difficult in a way that will create long-term impact. The piece could be used as a handbook for stewardship for other shops.