Advancement Services Programs

Judges' Report

Overall Operations

18 Entries

Silver Award

University of California, Davis - Centralized Gift Processing at UC DAVIS: Our Journey to GREATness

  • Prior to last year, gift processing at UC Davis was conducted in a decentralized environment; all private gifts were processed by about 50 people working in myriad schools and units across both campuses. This mode of processing made it difficult ensure donor intent, and made UC Davis vulnerable to less-than-stellar audit results. To correct this, UC Davis built a customized gift processing system, which was implemented across more than 30 schools and units. While the system appears singular and seamless to front-end users of the web application used to enter and track gifts (, the entire centralized gift processing system is comprised of five interlocking processes enabled by software that we built in-house.

Donor Relations

15 Entries

Gold Award

The University of British Columbia (Canada) - Leading Lights

UBC Leading Lights

  • Leading Lights symbolically tells the story of the start an evolution campaign through the use of pillars working to represent the inter-relatedness of activity at UBC and beyond its physical borders. Located in the high traffic area on University Boulevard, this installation highlights the contribution of our generous donors with a series of permanent nine foot high triangular pillars that are visible from afar and reveal further depth and detail as people approach.

Silver Award

University of Georgia- Donor Relations Marketing Overview

UGA Marketing Overview


  • The Donor Relations Marketing Overview was created to communicate a clear and concise summary of stewardship activities and events occurring within the central office. It was designed as a resource for development newcomers and to share with administration to show tangible metrics in an effort to determine return on investment in an area that is not soliciting gifts. Departments utilize this document as a model for establishing their own stewardship plan and communications timeline. This living document quantifies our work when possible.