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 Grand Gold Award

University of Oregon (OR) - Science & Swing


  • Reworked version of a University of Oregon Alumni Association feature about Cherry Poppin' Daddies singer and songwriter Steve Perry. When the Daddies' popularity began to wane in the early 2000s, Perry returned to the University of Oregon - where he had previously been enrolled as a chemistry student - and completed a molecular biology degree, before going to work in a lab conducting research into the evolutionary developmental biology of stickleback fish. Now the double platinum-selling Daddies have reformed and are releasing new music, while Perry is supporting departmental hiring initiatives and is about to have his research published.

Gold Award

University of Notre Dame (IN) -  The Long Walk Home Breaking the Chains of Predatory Lending


  • Lisa McDaniel walked an hour and a half each way to get to her job in a restaurant across town for more than a year. Then she heard about a group of Notre Dame students providing an alternative to predatory lenders. The $450 she borrowed to buy a used car changed her life. Her story illustrates the goal that former student Peter Woo envisioned when he started a student-run micro-lending organization called the Jubilee Initiative For Financial Inclusion (JIFFI). Woo also found that JIFFI helps open the eyes of his fellow students about the struggle to break free of poverty and the enormous lending industry preying on the poor.

Silver Awards

University of California, San Diego (CA) - Singing Their Hearts Out: UC San Diego Gospel Choir Tops the Charts Among Students


  • More than 600 students enroll in Gospel Choir each quarter at the University of California, San Diego, making it one of the most popular classes on campus. Students arrive excited to take part, and many reveal that singing in the choir is an escape from the stress of their academic responsibilities. Beyond this, the positive community that Director Ken Anderson fosters draws students of all singing abilities and spiritual backgrounds.

University of Missouri, Columbia (MO) - Emailing Your Professor: You're Doing It Wrong - MU faculty members reveal the good, the bad and the ugly in their inboxes


  • This piece gives students tips on how to most effectively communicate with professors through email. It includes hilarious and anonymous examples of email correspondence, advice from multiple faculty members, and images of email excerpts lovingly cross-stitched by hand - along with a poop emoji.

Bronze Award

Santa Clara University (CA) - The Green Knight


  • "The Green Knight" is an essay about Theodore Rynes, S.J., who taught English for decades at Santa Clara University. He was a university teacher from a different era. His CV proudly proclaimed, "I have no publications." But he gave deeply of himself to his students in many ways, and he forged the kinds of relationships that are so essential to a school to the institution.