Special Constituency Magazines

Judges' Report

Robert Sibley Magazine of the Year

Grand Gold Award

University of Toronto (Canada) - UofTMed


  • UofTMed has two objectives. First, engage alumni of the Faculty of Medicine and keep them informed about how their alma mater is tackling issues of great societal importance through research and education. Second, to provide an opportunity for graduates to show pride by displaying the magazine prominently in their waiting rooms and homes.

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Gold Award

Yale University (CT) - Yale Medicine


  • The magazine's goal is to inform readers, both inside and outside the institution, of the work of alumni, faculty, and students in medical education, clinical care, and biomedical science.

Silver Award

The University of Alberta (Canada) - Cornerstone Magazine


  • Cornerstone magazine is charged with the following: highlighting university priorities through stories of existing philanthropic gifts or areas of philanthropic opportunity; assisting fundraisers in advancing their relationships with current and prospective donors; creating a cachet around being featured in the magazine so that it becomes aspirational; and creating excitement around the ways that philanthropic donations can transform the world.

Bronze Award

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MI) - Findings


  • Findings is distributed to 20,000 readers worldwide, including alumni, faculty, students, prospective students, donors, media professionals, and government officials, among them policymakers at the CDC, WHO, UN, and other agencies and organizations.