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Short Videos

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Gold Award

Northwestern University (IL) - A Different Way of Thinking


  • "A Different Way of Thinking" was developed to encapsulate the whole-brain engineering approach at Northwestern University's McCormick School of Engineering. The video has wide use in email, web, and in-person. Though its primary audience is prospective students, the video was developed to capture the overall differentiators for Northwestern Engineering that are also relevant to visitors and alumni.

Silver Awards

London Metropolitan University (United Kingdom) - The London Met experience (Do something you love)


  • This short film is London Metropolitan University's first ever television advert. It has been used on TV and online, and will soon be deployed in cinemas and via video on demand services. The advert tells the story of three students as they decide to study at the University, make their way through study, graduate and begin their careers.

Temple University (PA) - Our Life's Work


  • Our Life's Work, which features real students and faculty from Temple University's College of Liberal Arts, was produced to serve as a commercial for enrollment purposes. The video's message, which links the liberal arts to work, was arrived at through a lengthy survey and focus group process. During this process, we found that the top three reasons students choose the College of Liberal Arts are: variety of majors, location and jobs in the region. We also found that the primary message both students and faculty wanted us to relay was that liberal arts students DO get jobs.

Bronze Awards

Franklin & Marshall College (PA) - F&M Documentary: Richard Camuccio '16


  • F&M student Richard Camuccio wants to be an astronaut. This short documentary follows the astrophysics major throughout his life at Franklin & Marshall College and the inspiring beliefs that guide him.

University of Oxford (United Kingdom) - This is Graduate Oxford


  • This is Graduate Oxford is a re-imagining of of the graduate prospectus in video format. The film celebrates the University, the city, and its surroundings, bringing to life what makes Oxford University one of the very best places in the world to pursue graduate study.

Long Videos

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Grand Gold Award

BI Norwegian Business School (Norway) - A Flying Start- to your career, and your new life in Oslo

  • The campaign "A Flying Start to your career - and your new life in Oslo" is a branding campaign targeted towards prospective international students at BI Norwegian Business School.

Gold Award

The Holton-Arms School (MD) - A Day in the Life of a Holton Girl


  • Holton-Arms created a new admissions video that premiered in the fall of 2015 for the 2016-2017 prospective students, prospective families, as well as the entire Holton Community.

Silver Award

University of Huddersfield (United Kingdom) - Step Into Your Future


  • Designed to bridge the gap between online and offline marketing collateral, the film not only informs prospective students, but also highlights and showcases the University as an exciting and high-quality option.

Bronze Award

Stanford University (CA) - DISCOVER STANFORD


  • Discover Stanford is designed to help high school seniors explore the programs, places, and people that define Stanford's commitment to undergraduate education within the setting of a world-class university. Seven Stanford students tell their stories of how they have discovered their passions through their personal experiences at the university.