Internal Audience Periodicals

Judges found entries varied greatly in both production quality and content. The best submissions combined thoughtful, well researched pieces along with very readable attachments. The poorest submissions were riddled with spelling and grammatical errors and were at best ‘fluff' pieces. Considering how taxed we are with finding time to read these days, boring and inconsequential internal publications almost tantamount to an insult. Some submissions are visually attractive, but embody the all-form-no-substance concept.


10 Entries

Bronze Award

Duke University (NC) - Working@Duke

The judges thought this was an outstanding publication which answered all the questions thoroughly ... extremely readable.


19 Entries

Gold Award

Boston University (MA) - BU Today

  • Boston University's BU Today was judged to be the best. It was thoughtful, well written and perfectly suited to its target audience.

Silver Award

University of California, San Diego (CA) - ThisWeek@SanDiego

  • This newsletter had an impressive application and attachment with a lot of information presented in a wonderfully readable format and style.