Interdisciplinary Advancement Projects

Judges' Report

10 Entries

Grand Gold Award

University of Oxford (United Kingdom) - Cecil the Lion Campaign


  • The illegal killing of Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe in July 2015 sparked international outcry culminating in almost £900k of donations from over 12,500 donors being made to the Wildlife Conservation Research Unit (WildCRU) at the University of Oxford. The process of securing this support and maximising interest required planning for the short, medium and longer term and effective team working across advancement disciplines and across a range of teams and departments.

Bronze Award

Ball State University (IN) - Ball State Foundation Engagement App


  • This project was originally envisioned as a mobile app but when that failed due to lack of resources, the institution was able to repurpose the idea as an interactive presentation delivered on IPads. The interactive presentation utilizes audio, video, touch, and graphics that look and function just like an app, but is easy to update and maintain.