Institutional Relations Publications

Judges' Report

Presidents and Annual Reports (Print)

38 Entries

Gold Award

Case Western Reserve University (OH)  - Innovators: Case School of Engineering Annual Report 2014-2015


  • The Case School of Engineering's annual report is a dynamic, robust print report that highlights major research, education, student and institutional news from the covered academic year.

Silver Award

University of California, San Diego (CA) - Together: UCSD Alumni Retrospective, 2013-2014


  • Through its reporting and storytelling,the Retrospective showcases the partnership between UCSD Alumni and Annual Giving, and the Career Services Center, while reflecting upon a productive year of program initiatives to engage alumni with their former university community.

Bronze Awards

Viewpoint School (CA) - Viewpoint School Annual Report 2014-15 "Out of Many, One Community"


  • The Annual Report's purpose is to recognize and thank donors and volunteers for their contributions, and utilize the theme, Out of Many, One Community.

University of Waterloo (Canada) - Defining Innovation: 2015-16 State of the University Report


  • These external-facing documents provide an annual summary of Waterloo's accomplishments, strengths, strategic vision and aspirations, designed to raise the international profile of the University, and its students, faculty and alumni.

Presidents and Annual Reports (Digital)

12 Entries

Gold Award

Michigan State University (MI) - Michigan State University President's Report: Uncommon Will


  • The main objective of the project was to create a high-impact report that would highlight the essence of the Michigan State University brand.

Research Publications

4 Entries

Gold Award

University of Otago (New Zealand) - He Kitenga Global


  • "He Kitenga" (New Zealand's indigenous Maori for "find" and "discover") is an annual research publication, produced to highlight and promote the breadth and depth of research that is being undertaken at the University of Otago.



7 Entries

Gold Award

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey (NJ) - Rutgers: A 250th Anniversary Portrait

  • In celebration of Rutgers University's 250th Anniversary-the eighth oldest institution of higher learning in the nation-Rutgers: A 250th Anniversary Portrait is an illustrated history of the university.

Promotional Publications (Print)

12 Entries

Grand Gold Award

University of California, Santa Cruz (CA) - Fifty Things We've Learned Along the Way


  • A mini-book highlighting 50 factoids.

Gold Awards

Kenyon College (OH) - Happening at Kenyon: Fall 2015 Cultural Events Calendar


  • This brochure is a calendar of cultural events happening at Kenyon College during the fall 2015 semester.

University of Waterloo (Canada) - Co-operative Education & Career Action International Brochure


  • The brochure, titled "talent available, students and alumni" provides organizations with an easy-to-understand overview of what students can do for their business. It included high-res images, statistics, and quotes from current employers of Waterloo co-op students.

Silver Awards

Oregon State University (OR) - The Oregon State Engineer


  • The entry is a 40-page (including self-cover), 4-color, 9.5" x 13" brochure. It promotes Oregon State University's College of Engineering by capturing what differentiates it from other engineering institutions.

Princeton University (NJ) - A Star for Us


  • This entry describes the promise of nuclear fusion as a safe, clean and virtually limitless source of energy for generating electricity and the role of the Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory in developing that energy.

Bronze Awards

Boston University (MA) - SPH This Year


  • SPH This Year is a year-in-review publication from Boston University School of Public Health.

Bowdoin College (ME) - Bowdoin Reunion Weekend Promotional Mailings


  • A series of four printed pieces promoting the 2015 Reunion Weekend that were mailed to targeted alumni over several months.

Cambridge School of Weston (MA) - The Gryphon Magazine 


  • The Gryphon magazine has been the alumni/ae magazine for The Cambridge School of Weston for more than two decades. The biannual publication highlights the fascinating work of our school community and provokes thought and conversation. It is a highly valued and anticipated connection tool for alumni/ae, family, friends, faculty and staff.

University of Mississippi (MS) -  University of Mississippi: A Place That Ever Calls


  • This publication is a viewbook that promotes the University of Mississippi as well as the community of Oxford. "A place that ever calls" refers to a line in the university's alma mater.

Promotional Publications (Digital)

2 Entries

Bronze Award

University of Mary Washington (VA) - Presidential Leadership Statement 2015-2016


  • A recruitment document distributed electronically to cultivate the pool of candidates for the next president of the University of Mary Washington.