Judges' Report


9 Entries

Gold Award

Northeastern University (MA)  - D'Amore-McKim School of Business 

  • This 14-page Brand Book with seven sub-sections was designed specifically for faculty and staff to create excitement and community while also providing the necessary information for internal stakeholders to have a common language about the essence of the business school.

Silver Award 

Towson University (MD) - Towson University: The First 150 Years


  • This 150-page coffee-table style book to was created to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Towson University. It features snapshots, essays, and photographs from 1866 to today.

Bronze Award

University of California, Irvine (CA) - UCI: Bright Past, Brilliant Future


  • University of California, Irvine celebrated the 50th anniversary of its first day of classes on Oct. 4, 2015. In preparation for a two-year recognition of half-century milestones, the Strategic Communications office published a 176-page, coffee-table quality hard-cover book detailing aspects of the campus's past, present and future.


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Bronze Award

Dartmouth College (NH) - 2016 Dartmouth College Fund Calendar - Big Ideas


  • The 2016 Dartmouth College Fund calendar expresses how faculty and undergraduates are taking on world issues through the exploration of big ideas, across multiple disciplines. The calendar includes vignettes of student transformation through research and experiential learning. It also highlights areas of historic strength at Dartmouth including globalization research, poverty alleviation, leadership, health care delivery science, and the arts. The calendar, with an accompanying letter, is designed to enhance alumni awareness of the Dartmouth College Fund and is part of a direct solicitation to support the Fund.


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Grand Gold Award

New York University (NY) - Fall 2015: The Wearables Issue


  • To illustrate a "wearables"-themed issue featuring everything from 7th-century textiles to exoskeletons to the deplorable conditions of global sweatshops, NYU decided to depict a graceful article of clothing that is so time-honored, it's barely been altered in the past 100 years: The fencing uniform.

Gold Award

University of Richmond (VA) - "Our 10th President"


  • This cover photograph accompanies a feature on the arrival of the institution's new president. The approach offers a fresh take to this common subject, using details to introduce the story of who this person is. The photograph conveys a formality that is part of his personal style but is still warm. The photograph invites the viewer to engage with the subject and take a closer look, while preparing readers for what they will learn about him in the feature story inside the issue.

Bronze Award

Loyola Marymount University (CA) - LMU Magazine - "Game On: Mockingjay Part 2"


  • The cover of this issue of LMU Magazine features an illustration by Tavis Coburn that highlights a story about the work of LMU alumnus Francis Lawrence, who directed three of the four films in the "Hunger Games" movie franchise. The cover uses bold imagery that features central elements of the "Hunger Games" books and films.

Santa Clara University (CA) - Pope/President

  • This cover is Pope Francis and President Obama, side by side, looking out the window of the Oval Office at the Washington Monument. Stephen Crowley photographed the pope for the New York Times. But for the cover of this issue, the photo is wrapped around the spine of a 9x12 magazine. 

Editorial Design

78 Entries

Gold Awards

Santa Clara University (CA) - Change the Game 


  • The Fall 2015 cover feature focuses on the papal encyclical-and how it speaks to an engineer, a theologian, and a nature writer. It's a story tackled in a number of ways: grappling with ethical issues and matters of faith, public policy, business, technology. The institution asked illustrator Emiliano Ponzi to create a series of illustrations that would not only complement the essay but use it as a jumping off point for himself, answering the question: How does this encyclical and this historical moment speak to him, as an artist and thinker?

University of Alberta (Canada) - "The Future of Everything," New Trail Winter 2015"


  • The Winter 2015 issue of New Trail, "The Future of Everything," wraps up a year long centennial celebration by looking ahead to the next 100 years. The issue asks the broad question: What kind of world will we help create?  The issue showcases an array of work from UAlberta alumni, researchers, artists and faculty about their visions for the future.

Silver Awards

The College of New Jersey (NJ) - "Out of Their Minds" 


  • The Fall 2015 cover feature, "Out of Their Minds," packaged stories highlighting the intense intellectual curiosity that characterizes The College of New Jersey's faculty.

Emory University (GA) - "More Than Just a Pretty Picture"


  • Artist and scholar Fahamu Pecou challenges concepts of black masculinity. A rising star in the art world, Fahamu Pecou has found an intellectual home as a Ph.D student at Emory, pursuing studies that amplify and enrich his creative work.

Bronze Awards

University of Central Florida (FL) - UCF Ultimate Tailgating Guide 2015


  • This magazine article is an illustrative guide on how to make this tailgating for the 2015 football season more memorable than years past. It includes tips, ideas and new attraction information in how to improve the UCF Knights experience

University of Maryland (MD) - "Sights Unseen"


  • This six-page spread in Terp, the University of Maryland's alumni magazine, reveals different, highly personal perspectives about race and racism from University of Maryland community members.


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Gold Award

Santa Clara University (CA) - Change the Game 


  • The Fall 2015 cover feature focuses on the papal encyclical-and how it speaks to an engineer, a theologian, and a nature writer. It's a story tackled in a number of ways: grappling with ethical issues and matters of faith, public policy, business, technology. The institution asked illustrator Emiliano Ponzi to create a series of illustrations that would not only complement the essay but use it as a jumping off point for himself, answering the question: How does this encyclical and this historical moment speak to him, as an artist and thinker? 

Silver Award

University of Alabama at Birmingham (AL) - Prisoners of Pain


  • This illustration from the fall 2015 issue of UAB Magazine accompanied an article, titled "Prisoners of Pain," that highlighted the mysteries of fibromyalgia and the newly recruited researcher known for his breakthroughs in understanding and treating the disease.

Bronze Awards

Middlebury College (VT) - The Good Body

The Good Body

  • This art was created to promote an annual interdisciplinary academic symposium. The topic was complex and required sensitive handling. The Good Body theme included discussion about our bodies and how our race, gender, disability, cultural beliefs, religion, and the media affect how we see ourselves and others.

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial A-Z Poster


  • This poster was created to commemorate the 20-year career of Tom Miller, Director of Communications and Public Affairs, in appreciation of his inspiring and supportive leadership. Each letter of the alphabet reflects a key moment during his tenure, important achievements under his leadership, or personal quirks and passions for which he is known.


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Gold Award

Upper Canada College (Canada) - Luminous: VIP Invitation to Upper Canada College's Think Ahead Campaign Closing Celebration


  • Upper Canada College (an all-boys, SK to pre-university independent school located in Toronto, Ontario) celebrated the successful conclusion of its record-breaking $100-million Think Ahead Campaign in the fall of 2015. Luminous, a high-end, gala-like event to thank all campaign donors of $1,000 or more, was held on Saturday, November 21 of that same year. This entry consists of the VIP invitation to this event.

Silver Awards

University of Toronto (Canada) - Centre for Engineering Innovation & Entrepreneurship (CEIE) Groundbreaking Event Invitation

  • An invitation to an event celebrating the groundbreaking of a new University of Toronto building and the community that made the vision a reality

Bowdoin College (ME) - Invitation to the Inauguration of Clayton S. Rose

  • The invitation package consisted of a save-the-date, followed by a full invitation. Different versions of the invitation were sent to different lists, depending on events to which recipients were invited and other factors. Email versions were also created for on-campus constituents.

Bronze Award

Purdue University (IN) - Purdue University "Ever True" Capital Campaign Kick-Off Dinner Invitation


  • On October 9, 2015 Purdue University launched the public phase of Ever True: The Campaign for Purdue University with a kick-off dinner on campus. The invitation that was designed was a pop-out 3-D replica of Purdue's bell tower; an iconic landmark on campus. This nod to the campaign logo was teased through the invite design without revealing the campaign logo. 

Multi-Page Publications

94 Entries

Grand Gold Award

Wake Forest University (NC) - iPlace Viewbook


  • iPLACE is the Interdisciplinary Performance and the Liberal Arts Center at Wake Forest University. The viewbook is a capabilities piece to explain  why students and faculty should take advantage of the benefits it offers.

Gold Award

Bellarmine University (KY) - Explore the World. Start Within.


  • Two redesigned view books, one for high school juniors and one for seniors, that are intended to support the university's new brand identity.

Silver Award

University of Southern California (CA) - Frontline Scholars: The USC Dornsife Initiative Brochure


  • THE FRONTLINE SCHOLARS: THE USC DORNSIFE INITIATIVE BROCHURE chronicles USC Dornsife College of Letters, Arts and Sciences' place as a leader in cutting-edge research in the areas of health, environmental and community-oriented research. This piece specifically demonstrates how funds are allocated for developing solutions to the global society's toughest challenges.

Bronze Award

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY) - Agility Matters, Rensselaer President's Report

  • The President's Report is the annual report for the Institute. Each year, this piece provides an opportunity for the President to define the current "state of the Institute" and set the tone for the year ahead. This year's report demonstrated the concept that "agility matters" and highlighted important new initiatives, world-changing research, and student success stories.


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Grand Gold Award

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (MI) - Findings 


  • Published by the University of Michigan School of Public Health, Findings magazine aims to support the school's mission of preventing disease and promoting the health of populations in the U.S. and around the world-with a special focus on disadvantaged populations who suffer disproportionately from illness and disability. Each issue of Findings is loosely themed around a critical public health topic. The spring/summer 2015 issue, "Becoming Detroit," put the spotlight on Michigan's largest city-a place much in the news.

Gold Award

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial Magazine Issue 40


  • Imperial Magazine features a balance of news and features that introduce readers to engaging narratives and unusual stories.

Silver Awards

University of Missouri, Columbia (MO) - Illumination Spring/Summer 2015


  • Illumination is the magazine of science, scholarship and creative achievement at the University of Missouri-Columbia, a Carnegie RU/VH public institution of research, instruction and public service with an enrollment of approximately 33,000 students. 

University of Central Florida (FL) - Pegasus Magazine, Summer 2015


  • Pegasus is the the Magazine of the University of Central Florida. Since 1994, Pegasus magazine has been written primarily for alumni. This issue features a cover illustration for "Horizon Cuba," a feature story that examines the cultural, economic and political implications of thawing relations between the United States and Cuba.

Bronze Award

Santa Clara University (CA) - Santa Clara Magazine


  • The mission of the magazine is to embody the breadth of all that makes up Santa Clara University-in terms of ideas and events that are shaping our world, and engaging in the big conversations society is having-or should be having. 


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Grand Gold Award

Wake Forest University (NC) - Voices of our Time - Ta-Nehisi Coates

Ta-Nehisa Coates WF

  • This poster was designed to promote the Voices of our Time speaker series, with featured guest speaker Ta-Nehisi Coates.

Gold Award

California Institute of Technology (CA) - 2015 Reunion Weekend and Seminar Day


  • This poster was designed to brand and market the Caltech Alumni Association (CAA) Alumni Reunion Weekend.

Bronze Award

Champlain College (VT) - Admitted Student Poster


  • The Admitted Student Poster was included in the packet mailed to newly admitted students along with their letter of admittance, invitation to Admitted Student Day, and welcome packet.

Single-Page Publications

20 Entries

Bronze Award

University of California, Merced (CA) - #GIVETUEUCM - 1/4 the Size, 4X the Impact in 690% Increase in Day of Giving Tue UC Merced


  • The #GIVETUEUCM Brochure is a single sheet that is folded down to a 1/4 page size specialty piece that was distributed leading up to and during UC Merced's 2nd annual day of giving initiative -- #GIVETUEUCM. Once unfolded, it displays the "unselfie" sign on the back that encourages constituents to share why they give back to UC Merced.

Bowdoin College (ME) - Barry Mills Manifesto


  • A printed letterpress piece created in commemoration of the presidency of Barry Mills, provided as a gift to attendees at the dinner in his honor during his last board meeting. An offset printed version was also printed and glued into, as a poster, the issue of the alumni magazine celebrating his presidency.

Specialty Pieces

49 Entries

Gold Award

Wake Forest University (NC) - Demon Deacon Playing Cards


  • This is a custom designed, hand-illustrated deck of cards designed specifically for Wake Forest alumni and friends.

Silver Awards

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial Prankster Campaign


  • Alumni shared tales of pranks they pulled during their student years at Imperial College London. The campaign was launched at a yearly reunion held on campus. In exchange for sharing their tale, alumni received a limited-edition Prankster T-shirt. A series of items were also created to support the campaign. These included banners, web ads, email headers, pin-up boards, and postcards.

University of East Anglia (United Kingdom) - UEA: Brilliantly Placed. A Teacher Perception Changing Campaign


  • This 3D targeted mailing was sent to over 600 Sixth Form teachers, advisers and Heads in priority schools across the UK where there was a perceived desire to increase engagement with our reputation as a Top 20 UK university. The box contained a booklet giving a snapshot of UEA, a 2016 calendar of relevant UEA dates, events and opportunities, plus a ‘brilliantly placed' bookmark, post-it flags, and a gourmet bar of Gnaw chocolate produced by an UEA alumni.