Judges' Report


61 Entries

Gold Awards

Bow Valley College (Canada) - High School Tabletops


  • The entry is an advertising campaign to be placed on cafeteria tables in high schools. The institution wanted acknowledge that while they are a local college, it is a viable option for students who weren't necessarily going to be able to attend prestige schools.

The University of Melbourne (Australia) - The University of Melbourne: 'Collisions' Campaign (Phase 1)

  • In September 2015, the University of Melbourne (UoM) launched the ‘Collisions' brand campaign to support the revitalisation of the University's brand positioning. The brand executions featured staff and students as talent and incorporated contributions from Alumni, providing the opportunity for broader content pieces such as the ‘Behind the Scenes' video (showcasing the process to produce the 60 sec TVC). The brand press ad was inspired by an Alumnus artist and recreated with photography by another Alumnus. 

Silver Awards

Red River College (Canada) - Our Grads Get Hired


  • Our Grads Get Hired was a multi-channel advertising campaign. Manitoba employers were invited to join in a creative, co-operative advertising opportunity - a billboard campaign - where the next batch of featured RRC alumni would be sourced via nominations submitted by employers.

York University (Canada) - York University's "Open Your Mind" Brand Campaign


  • In fall 2016, York University launched a new brand advertising campaign, "Open Your Mind" that reflects its evolved positioning as a progressive university that drives new ways of thinking. The multi-platform advertising campaign's goals were to elevate reputation, increase positive awareness, and generate leads for recruitment efforts.

Bronze Award

Boston University (MA) - MBTA Arts Initiative Poster


  • The institution designed a series of five posters for the Office of the Provost Arts Initiative. The series of MBTA (Boston transit) ad posters highlighted theatre and opera, creative writing and poetry, music, film, and visual arts.

Individual Ads

35 Entries

Gold Award

The University of Melbourne (Australia) - The University of Melbourne: Collision 60 Second TV Commercial 

  • In September 2015, the University of Melbourne launched a new brand campaign anchored in the concept of ‘Collision', to support the revitalization of the institution's brand strategy in response to the strategic challenge highlighted above. The core message in the TVC ‘where great minds collide, giant leaps are made' positioned the University of Melbourne as a place where great minds, from varying disciplines, come together to challenge each other and tackle some of the world's greatest problems.

Silver Award

California State University, East Bay (CA) - "Science Festival 2015"


  • The bi-annual "Discovery Days" Science Festival at Cal State East Bay is part of a wider network of science festivals throughout the Bay Area. This year's slogan "Explore the Unknown - Expand Your Science" was inspired by the idea of a movie-style poster that would show well-known, science-related paraphernalia, images and icons swirling above a child's head.

University of Connecticut (CT) - NYC Lincoln Tunnel 6th Borough Billboard


  • The 6th Borough" conveys that UConn has a footprint in New York City-with a strong alumni base. They incorporated the concept through the impactful use of the NY subway colors and map elements.