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Institutional Websites

88 entries

Gold Awards

Bucknell University (Pa.)

  • Bucknell University reimagined and redesigned its institutional website to attract students who are leaders, entrepreneurs, and collaborators. This site, which encourages exploration and stimulates curiosity, is also populated with factual and practical material for conducting the business of a university.

Columbia College Chicago (Ill.)

  • The new Columbia College Chicago website was designed to speak directly to prospective students and their parents. Nearly all the content on the site is completely new.

Silver Awards

Saint Paul's School (Md.) (Boys/Girls)

  • St. Paul's School and St. Paul's School for Girls (SPSG) share a unique relationship. Situated side-by-side on the same campus, they are two completely independent, autonomous institutions. Both schools are single gender in Grades 5-12, offering a few coordinated classes in the higher grades. In 2014 the boards of both schools adopted a shared strategic plan, outlining actions for enhanced coordination. One important aspect of coordination was the decision to simultaneously launch parallel websites. The new sites needed to clearly explain the schools' enrollment options and convey that they are working in tandem to provide the best possible experience for students, while also maintaining the historic individual identities so important to graduates of both St. Paul's and SPSG.

Unity College (Maine)

Bronze Awards

Indiana University

  • This was a complete redesign and overhaul of the IUPUI website. This website functions as the gateway to IUPUI, serving as a launching pad to all kinds of information for both prospective and current students. IU Communications rebuilt the site from the ground up, creating a content-and mobile-first framework that will ultimately be used for every website across the institution in the process.

Knox College (Ill.)

  • With prospective students as the primary target audience, the site is designed to engage immediately through imagery, fast facts, and clear calls to actions that drive visitors further into the site for more information or encourage them to schedule a visit, request more info, or apply. The site was also designed and developed with a mobile-first approach, delivering a mobile-optimized site that is responsive to all device sizes and allows for all necessary content featured on larger screens.

Pratt Institute (N.Y.)

  • In spring 2014, Pratt Institute's website re-launched with a complete visual redesign and a host of new features such as platforms to display student and faculty work, an Institute-wide events calendar, a dynamic news area and a responsive design that adjusts to all mobile devices.

The University of British Columbia

  • is the top level website for the University of British Columbia. It is often one of the first touch points for the university's many audiences - particularly those who may be considered external to the university such as prospective students, faculty, staff, donors and others who are interested in, but not yet part of, the UBC community. The new design goal was to elevate the site to an effective, engaging and experiential communications channel.

Individual Sub-Websites

135 entries

Gold Award

Boston University (Mass.) - Boston University FY2014 Annual Report

  • The FY2014 Annual Report highlights the value proposition Boston University provides for its student through a series of student profiles that highlight university initiatives and demonstrate how a BU education benefits our students and our community.

Silver Awards

Cornell University (N.Y) - Cornell "Plan Your Visit" Tool

  • "Plan Your Visit" is an interactive tool that guides prospective students and visitors through the process of creating a unique and personalized visit to Cornell University. Visitors can filter activities and attractions by date, type of visit, and academic interest, and then add them to their itineraries. Once they are satisfied with their itineraries, visitors finalize their visit with a registration form and receive a confirmation email with instructions to edit or cancel their itinerary.

Kenyon College (Ohio) - You Will

  • Targeted to prospective students, this website houses Kenyon College's admissions video, "You Will," along with extra related content, like bonus scenes, cast bios and alumni reviews.

The Open University (United Kingdom) - The Open University MBA Business Case Builder

  • The Business Case builder is an interactive tool which enables employees who are considering studying an OU MBA to generate a personalized, compelling and fully editable business case to demonstrate to their employer the mutual benefits of contributing towards their MBA study fees and the flexible ways to do so.

University of Oregon - University of Oregon "Explore If" website

  • This website was built as a special landing page to accompany the new "We If" commercial. The commercial directs viewers to, where they can explore each individual story that is featured in the commercial in an interactive way. The Rose Bowl and National Championship bowl games provided an excellent platform to launch a new 30-second TV spot for the University of Oregon. The website comes in with a 90-second version of the TV spot along with more than 50 short stories about aspects of the University of Oregon.

Bronze Awards

Biola University (Calif.)- Biola University Giving Website

  • This entry is for the recently redesigned giving website for Biola University. This website is where all online donations are directed, informs visitors about Biola's fundraising priorities and also houses all of the various giving groups attached to the university.

Boston University (Mass.) - Boston University Fitness & Recreation Center Website Redesign

  • In spring 2014, Boston University's Creative Services team partnered with IS&T and the Fitness & Recreation Center to redesign and migrate their website to WordPress. Creative Services designed and developed a fully customized, responsive WordPress site that could communicate with this registration system in a streamlined way, ease site maintenance and support their business goals.

Boston University (Mass.) - Boston University Research Website

  • The Boston University Research website is a hub of research-related information concerning the university and communicates the local and global impact of the institution's research. External audiences can use the website to learn what makes Boston University a world-class research institution and to identify opportunities to partner with the university. Internal audiences can use the website to promote their own research and learn about the work of their colleagues.

Cornell University (N.Y.) - Cornell University Sesquicentennial Website

  • Approaching its 150-year anniversary, Cornell University needed a website to promote the celebration and engage audiences on a global scale. Cornell's Sesquicentennial website is a rich, immersive platform to engage audiences while delivering key programming information.

SUNY Oswego - Tomorrow: Greater Impact and Success

  • Tomorrow is the primary version of SUNY Oswego's new strategic plan, released in December 2014. (A static print version, based on the website, also exists in a few hundred copies; a pdf of it is downloadable from the last page of the website.) The vision of the site's creators was to display the college's mission, vision and goals for the future in an interactive, user-friendly manner that engages the viewer and helps him/her understand the current status of the college and the direction the college is going.

The University of British Columbia - your evolution UBC

  • Launched on March 24, 2014 your evolution is a unique initiative designed to be an engagement platform for sharing ideas, promoting community-based projects and inspiring change. It is meant to support the engagement goal of the university's campaign.

Union College (N.Y.) - Thrive at the Intersections

  • "Thrive at the Intersections" is a media-rich online admissions viewbook.

University of Washington -

  • is a new, one-stop shop website that allows visitors to purchase tickets, discover upcoming exhibitions, and learn about all arts events happening on the University of Washington campus.