Judges' Report

Overall Category Grand Gold Award

The Park School of Baltimore, Inc. (Md.) - Pure Park Wildflower Honey

This piece, delivered to accepted students as part of their admission decision notification packets, was intended to provide an authentic taste of the Park experience at an important time in the admission process. It contains a sample of honey, harvested by Park students, attached to a card describing the science, stewardship, and service work of the student Beekeeping Club.


10 Entries

Gold Award

University of Groningen (Netherlands) - Album Amicorum (2014 edition)

  • Master and PhD students of the University of Groningen receive a special gift from the University and the Ubbo Emmius Fund (the fundraising organization of the University) during their award ceremony: the Album Amicorum. The Album, a bound, luxury edition of 160 pages, serves as a lasting memento in words and especially images, of the student days, the city of Groningen and the University of Groningen.


18 Entries

Gold Award

Stanford University (Calif) - Calendar Padfolios

  • Faced with leftover budget and requests from fundraising staff for promotional items in early 2014, Stanford quickly designed and produced large and small red campaign-branded "padfolios" with a calendar printed on the inside cover.

Silver Award

Auburn University (Ala.) - College of Liberal Arts Academic Calendar 2014-2015

  • An annual calendar containing important dates and events in the College of Liberal Arts for academic year 2014-2015.


58 Entries

Gold Award

Wake Forest University (N.C.) - YEAR ONE

  • This is an annual report for the first year of Wake Will: The Campaign for Wake Forest, capturing information from October 2013 to December 2014.

Silver Award

University of Central Florida - Kid-Approved Pegasus Magazine, Fall 2014

  • The Pegasus Fall 2014 cover image provides a personal perspective on the story of 6-year-old Alex Pring; a Central Florida boy who received a low-cost prosthetic arm designed and build with a 3-D printer by a team of volunteer UCF engineering students. Because UCF wanted readers to recognize the power of this gift by introducing them to Alex the individual in a very personal space, they photographed him in his closet surrounded by his toys.

Bronze Awards

Northeastern University (Mass.) - Northeastern Magazine, Winter 2014/2015

  • This illustration was created to showcase brain research by Northeastern's faculty.

Stanford University (Calif.) - Stanford Medicine magazine - cover, spring 2014

  • Stanford Medicine steps away from the traditional focus of a medical school magazine: alumni and school news. Instead, the magazine gives priority to the most pressing medical matters of the day. Each issue focuses on a timely theme and provides readers an educational and thought-provoking briefing on the topic. Stanford faculty, students and alumni figure prominently in the stories, keeping the Stanford name at the top of readers' minds.

Tufts University (Mass.) - Tufts Magazine, Fall 2014, Enlightened Palate Cover

  • "Nose-to-tail eating of the farm" is how a top chef from Tufts sums up his vision of sustainable cuisine. This concept is interpreted with the juxtaposition of plate and pig, with utensils for legs, communicating with wit and whimsy the idea of the more sustainable practice of consuming an entire animal.

Editorial Design

68 Entries

Gold Awards

The University of Alberta - Cornerstone magazine, Solid Foundations

  • Cornerstone magazine is a key communications tool to achieve the University of Alberta's donor stewardship and retention goals. It celebrates philanthropy at the University of Alberta through the use of personal and accessible stories, exquisite photography and a distinctive design and format. This feature shows the impact of philanthropy through the story of the geology field schools - a program that allows students to get out of the lab and experience hands-on learning in Canada's unique northern environment.Tufts University (Mass.) - Cummings Veterinary Medicine magazine, Summer 2014, Sight Lines

Silver Awards

Aiglon College (Switzerland) - "Laid Bare" - AIGLON MAGAZINE, Issue 1

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial Magazine: Who Dies of the Flu?

  • Imperial is the college's magazine for friends, supporters and alumni. The article "Who dies of the flu?" examines how Imperial researchers developed a hospital-based investigation of the clinical, viral, host genetic, immunological and molecular events underlying the pandemic H1N1 flu outbreak during 2009-11.

Bronze Award

College of Charleston (S.C) - Starstruck, College of Charleston Magazine

  • "Starstruck" is a piece about a College of Charleston professor of physics and astronomy who last year was part of an international team that discovered the largest structure in the universe. But even the name of this structure - the Hercules-Corona Borealis Great Wall - is difficult for most people to comprehend. The challenge with this article was describing the professor's discovery to the layperson. Using the starry night sky and the beauty of the local landscape as a backdrop, CoC strove to show the significance and vastness of the discovery while also bringing it a little down to earth.


39 Entries

Gold Award

Columbia University (N.Y.) - Whose Galaxy Is It?

  • For an article about an astrobiology team's search for life on distant planets, Columbia depicted the galaxy as a stage, with a curtain of celestial bodies pulled back to reveal a surprise guest glaring back at the scientist.

Silver Awards

Columbia University (N.Y.) - Card Sharks

  • For a profile of House of Cards writer Beau Willimon, Columbia depicted the U.S. Capital's dome as a shark's gaping jaws -evoking the show's savagery as well as the idea that the institution could topple under the weight of its inhabitants' own viciousness.

Stanford University (Calif.) - Stanford Medicine magazine, "Fresh starts for hearts"

  • This particular illustration is from the leadoff piece in Stanford Medicine's package about cardiovascular health. The story focused on the potential of stem cells to restore heart function.


50 Entries

Gold Awards

Dartmouth College (N.H.) - Centennial Circle of Dartmouth Alumnae

  • An invitation to join the Centennial Circle of Dartmouth Alumnae, a special giving program focused on high-net-worth alumnae created in honor of the 100th anniversary of Dartmouth's alumni fund.

Northwestern University (Ill.) - Deering Society Recognition Dinner invitation package

  • Invitation to Northwestern University Library's annual dinner for members of its donor society. The package includes six printed pieces: outer envelope, invitation, reply card, reply envelope, map card, and lecture card.

Silver Award

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial Alumni Reunion Playing Card Invitation

Multi-Page Publications

113 Entries

Gold Awards

Guilford College (N.C.) - Guilford College Admission Viewbook

  • The admission viewbook for Guilford College's traditional prospective student.

Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance (United Kingdom) - Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance Prospectus 15/16

  • This is the newly redesigned prospectus for Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, advertising undergraduate and postgraduate courses to potential applicants.

Silver Awards

Pratt Institute (N.Y.) - Pratt Fashion 2014: Under Construction

  • The 2014 Pratt Fashion Lookbook showcases the Pratt Department of Fashion's year-long work to develop and produce individual senior student designed collections that were presented at the 2014 Pratt Fashion Show at Center 548 in New York City. The 92 pages were printed offset with a blind-embossed cover, and binders tape. The book is divided into two parts, the first of which is printed on an uncoated white paper, and the second is printed in full color on a beige stock.

St. George's School (British Columbia) - The Many Faces of Saints || Our Report Card 2013-2014

  • An annual report intended to give constituents a document which summarizes the previous year at the school. Provides highlights from each department including academics, athletics, service & charity, outdoor education and co-curriculars.

University of Notre Dame (Ind.) - Notre Dame Law School Admit packet

Bronze Awards

Lebanese American University (N.Y.) - Metamorphosis, LAU Graphic Design Alumni Exhibition 2014

  • A 56 page catalogue featuring the work of the alumni who also participated and displayed their work in an exhibition organized by the Lebanese American University.

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (N.Y.) - This is Rensselaer Viewbook

St. George's School (British Columbia) - One || One vision. One school. One campaign.

  • A campaign document intended as a leave behind in face-to-face high-capacity donor meetings (not for mass/bulk distribution.)


50 Entries

Gold Awards

Stanford University (Calif.) - Stanford Medicine magazine - spring 2014 issue

University of Central Florida - Pegasus Magazine, Fall 2014

Silver Awards

Denison University (Ohio) - Denison Magazine (Spring 2014)

Oberlin College (Ohio) - Oberlin Alumni Magazine / Summer 2014

Bronze Award

The University of Alberta - Cornerstone magazine


49 Entries

Gold Award

Webster University (Mo.) - You Unlimited Poster

  • Double sided poster to fit the "You, Unlimited" campaign and give potential students a piece of collateral that they would want to display on their wall.

Silver Award

Maryland Institute College of Art - MICA Admissions Poster

  • The Admission Poster for MICA attracts students from across the country and shows them they dynamic educational and creative experience they can have if they enroll at MICA.

Bronze Awards

Bennington College (Vt.) - At Bennington We Read, A Lot.

Lebanese American University (N.Y.) - Istvan Orosz Workshop & Lecture Poster

  • This is a poster application designed to announce the workshop and lecture given by world known Illustrator/artist/designer Istvan Orosz from Hungary at the Lebanese American University in Beirut on October 10 2015. It aims to refer the visual illusion and anamorphic imagery technique often used by the artist, through typographic arrangements without any implementation of imagery added.

Single-Page Publications

15 Entries

Gold Award

St. Edward's University (Texas) - St. Edward's University Holiday Card

  • The St. Edward's University holiday card provides an ideal opportunity for the university president and administrators to engage with target audiences during a busy, yet reflective time of year. In doing so, St. Edward's wanted their holiday message to stand out among the many cards that people receive, while remaining true to the spirit of St. Edward's and the season.

Silver Award

Wake Forest University (N.C.) - Summer Immersion Program Broster

  • This piece was designed to engage and inform high school sophomores-seniors about the Summer Immersion Program held at the Wake Forest University Charlotte Center. The program provides hands-on access to several career fields to help students plan for their futures.

Specialty Pieces

40 Entries

Grand Gold Award

The Park School of Baltimore, Inc. (Md.) - Pure Park Wildflower Honey

Silver Awards

Brigham Young University (Utah) - Marriott 25 "M" - BYU Marriott School of Management

  • To recognize the anniversary of the naming of the school, Marriott School of Management students, faculty, alumni, and community members sought to donate 25,000 hours of service before the end of the 2013-14 school year. In order to provide a visual representation of and an encouragement to participate in the service campaign, the Marriott School constructed a plexiglass "M" measuring more than 10 feet tall in the center atrium of the Tanner Building, home of the Marriott School. After performing an hour or more of service, members of the Marriott School community went online to register the type of service and how many hours were given. The school then deposited one custom blue tennis ball etched with the number "25" into the "M" for each service hour submitted.

Haverford College (Pa.) - Haverford College Black Squirrel Mailer

  • The black squirrel mailer was sent to all young alumni (graduates of the last decade) in October 2014 to coincide with Young Alumni Giving Month (YAGM). It was designed to engage and excite young alumni while raising awareness for the YAGM program. Alumni were asked to photograph themselves with the squirrel wherever they were in the world and tag their posts on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bronze Award

Imperial College London (United Kingdom) - Imperial Alumni Kids T-shirt

  • T-shirt given out as a gift to children attending the 2014 Imperial Alumni Reunion with their parents or grandparents.