Best Articles of the Year

District I - II

75 entries

Grand Gold Award

Harvard University (Mass.) - "Guns & Suicide: The Hidden Toll" by Madeline Drexler


Gold Awards

Columbia University  (N.Y.) - "Heady Collisions" by David Craig

Williams College (Mass.) - "A Monumental Achievement" by Denise DiFulco

Silver Awards

Columbia University (N.Y.) - "The Wages of Health" by Paul Hond

Middlebury College (Vt.) - "Felix Against the Barbarians" by Jay Heinrichs

Bronze Awards

Boston College (Mass.) - "His Horse Was Named Death...and Hell Followed Them" by Peter Maass

New York University - "Trip to the Doctor" by Jennifer Bleyer

District III - V

82 Entries

Gold Awards

University of Cincinnati (Ohio) - "Advocating for the Innocent" by Deborah Rieselman

University of Wisconsin Madison - "Milk Matters" by John Allen

Silver Award

Emory University (Ga.) - "Letting Mom Go" by Rhonda Mullen

Bronze Award

Rollins College (Fla.) - "Becoming Alaine" by Jeffrey Billman

Districts VI - VIII and International

44 entries

Gold Award

University of Washington - "Reconstructing Hope" by Diane Mapes

Silver Awards

Stanford University (Calif.) - "Seeing at the Speed of Sound" by Rachel Kolb

University of Oregon - "The Stand She Took" by Elisabeth Kramer

Bronze Award

University of California, Berkeley - "Uncertain Prospects" by Jesse Moss