Best Articles of the Year

District I - II

65 entries

Gold Awards

Yale University (Conn.) - Yale Alumni Magazine, "God and White Men at Yale" by Richard Conniff

Silver Awards

Columbia University (N.Y.) - Columbia Magazine, "The Solitude of Inventions" by Stacey Kors

Bronze Awards

Johns Hopkins University (Md.) - Johns Hopkins Magazine, "Mister Nice Guy" by Dale Keiger

District III - V

69 Entries

Gold Awards

University of Chicago (Ill.)- The University of Chicago Magazine, "One Door Closes" by Richard Mertens

University of Notre Dame (Ind.) -Notre Dame Magazine, "Wintry Rooms of Love" by Mel Livatino

Silver Awards

Auburn University (Ala.)- Auburn Magazine, "The Dearth of Newspapers" by Suzanne Johnson

Emory University (Ga.)- Emory Magazine, "Root Words" by Paige Parvin

University of Michigan, Ann Arbor - LSA Magazine, "All Natural Doublespeak: A Good Source of Confusion" by Mary Jean Babic

University of Notre Dame (Ind.) - Notre Dame Magazine, "Dogged by the Dark" by Mel Livatino

Bronze Award

Denison University (Ohio) - Denison Magazine, "How Denison Changed Football" by Ryan Jones

Districts VI - VIII and International

52 entries

Gold Awards

University of California, Berkeley - California Magazine, "A Vacation Goes South" by Frank Viviano

University of California, Berkeley - California Magazine, "His Truth Is Marching On" by Chris Smith

Silver Award

Stanford University (Calif.) - Stanford Magazine, "Water Course" by Kevin Cool

Bronze Awards

University of California, Berkeley - California Magazine, "Famous Enough" by Chris Smith

Willamette University (Ore.) - Willamette Lawyer, "Death Defier" by Todd Schwatz