Excellence in Design Multi-Page Publications - Massachusetts College of Art and Design Abstract

Bronze Medal: Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Title of entry: Making History - 2009-2010 President's Report

Provide a concise description of this entry: Making History is the annual president's report for Massachusetts College of Art and Design. The annual president's report highlights important moments in the life of the college during the previous fiscal year, provides an opportunity to recognize those who have contributed to the institution, and demonstrates the fiscal position of the college.

State objectives and how they support your institution's mission: The 2009-2010 President's Report was intended to accomplish several objectives:

1) To reflect on the 15 year legacy of retiring president, Katherine Sloan;

2) To highlight the major achievements of the college in the last year as they align with its mission and strategic goals;

3) To serve as an alumni update;

4) To function as an annual report for the MassArt Foundation, an independent charitable organization which raises millions of dollars to support the mission of the college.

Each feature story, supported by dynamic photography, relates to at least one of the college's core themes. The barrel-fold insert uses found images, quotes, and facts to illustrate the president's remarkable legacy. The design and pacing of the alumni update and foundation annual report distinguishes each section from the rest of the report while still remaining well integrated.

Describe what is innovative about your entry: Most years, the president's report is a year-in-review, focusing on the past year's achievements of our faculty, students, staff, and administration. The innovation of this year's report is that it not only enumerates the past year's accomplishments but also highlights the 15 year legacy of our retiring president; serves as an alumni update; and serves as annual report for the foundation.

List your target audience(s) and how you addressed their needs:

1) Donors. The report acknowledged donors, demonstrated how their investment has been put to good use, and presented a range of feel-good stories that evoke positive feelings about the college.

2) Public Officials. The report communicated the good work that is happening around the state due to MassArts community initiatives, communicated sound fiscal management, showed projects that speak to the economic impact of the design industry, and presented a range of feel-good stories that evoke positive feelings about the college.

3) Alumni. A distinct alumni section provided a good sense of the range of activities at the college during the previous year, demonstrated that MassArt is still on solid financial footing, and included content that may help to deepen alumni's sense of connection to the college.

4) Faculty and Staff. The report provided an opportunity to remember all the great things that the college's faculty, staff, and students accomplished.

Total budget for entry, excluding salaries: $38,306

Quantity produced: 10,500

Total production cost, excluding salaries: $38,306

Unit cost, including all direct costs except salaries: $3.65

Describe your results and how you met your goals and objectives: We produced an elegant report that accomplished multiple objectives and was well received by our various audiences.