Independent School Magazines: Brooks School - Bronze Award

2008 Circle of Excellence Awards Program
Category 19a. Independent School Magazines
Brooks School
Brooks Bulletin
Bronze Award

Dan Callahan
Director of Communications
1160 Great Pond Road
North Andover, MA 018445
(978) 725-6244


Dan Callahan Editor/Designer
Cathleen Gable Managing Editor
Julia Hawes Writer


In the summer of 2007, the Brooks Bulletin underwent a total redesign. We brought the design in-house, allowing us to re-allocate our resources to printing, paper and binding. The publication has a diverse audience of alumni, parents and prospective students, so it needs to appeal across a broad spectrum. We dedicate different sections to those constituents. When it comes to features, we ask ourselves whether it is a story that someone who has knows nothing to do with Brooks School would find interesting.

For staffing, we divide the labor between three people. The Communications Director writes, wedits, takes photographs and designs. The managing editor tracks the schedule and does some writing. There is also a staff writer who runs the website and also contributes shorter pieces to the Bulletin.

Between the summer and winter issues, we experiemented with different print styles, The summer has a glossy, coated finish while the winter has a dull varnish. In retrospect, all of us thought the photos looked better with the gloss so we have gone back to that style. In the same respect, everything about the publication is in a constant state of tweaking as we search for the right combination of content, design, and presentation.

We have been averaging about 60 pages per issue. The total annual budget is $40,000 for two issues, and we will be moving up to three issues next year because the response from our audience has been so positive. The average cost per issue is $17,000 with a unit cost of $2.40.