Recruitment Features: St. Christopher's School - Silver Award

2008 Circle of Excellence Awards Program
Category 15. Electronic Media: Recruitment Features
St. Christopher's School
"Get Here!"
Silver Award

Susan Mistr
Director of Communications
711 St. Christopher's Road
Richmond, VA 23226
(804) 282-3185


Susan Mistr Director of Communications
Anne Booker Director of Admissions
Cary Mauck Assistant Director of Admissions


4 minutes, 45 seconds


A short video for the web and other uses supporting student recruitment


Prospective students, particularly those prospects considering Middle or Upper school.

The primary objective of this project was to increase familiarity for our external audience. Market Research conducted in early 2007 indicated that while most respondents surveyed were "aware" of St. Christopher's, there was a need to increase "familiarity" with the school. We proposed to move those respondents and other potential candidates and their families from "aware" to "familiar." The piece was initially posted on our website during the summer and then later used to kick off open house programs in the fall. The video targets primarily Middle and Upper School candidates, giving them a sense of what life is like on the campus of St. Christopher's School. Prospects get to hear from peers what it's like to attend school here. And, parents get a sense of comfort hearing from a faculty member who is also an alumnus as well as a current parent.

The theme "Get Here!" stemmed from our Admissions team's contention that once families visit our campus, they nearly always submit an application. "All they have to do is get here." This theme was also used in our 2007 Homecoming materials promoting our fall homecoming event, creating consistency in our materials.

Response to the video has been overwhelmingly positive. A greater number of prospective families attended our open houses in fall of 2007.


$6,555 for producer, two cameras and a sound technician and all post-production.