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Noble and Greenough School, Viewbook Suite

Contact: Joyce Eldridge, director of communications, 10 Campus Dr., Dedham, MA 02026, Phone: (781) 320-7014, e-mail:

Nobles Viewbook Suite: Nobles’ newest viewbook, published this summer, shared many of the same goals as its predecessor: to raise awareness of the school’s academic strengths and offerings and to put athletics and the arts on more even footing (downplay the Nobles jock image and celebrate its new Arts Center). We also wanted to feature what sets Nobles apart in our opinion: its sense of community and the unique mentorships and friendships that happen between students and teachers here.

Every few years, the viewbook process gives us the opportunity to reexamine who we are as a school, and what we want to convey to those who don’t know us. Paramount to our conversations with the school’s administrators, the designer, the photographer, and the copywriter this time was communicating an honest image of the school. We wanted prospective and current students to flip through an inviting piece that would give an accurate depiction of Nobles and inspire them to find out more. The “Know Nobles” theme made this easy: it was welcoming while conveying intellectual energy, and support for self-discovery and the pursuit of one’s passions.

We were fortunate to work with the incredibly creative Rich Rose of PopKitchen, a visionary photographer (Tony Rinaldo) and infectiously enthusiastic writer (Martha Eddison). The project was a true team effort involving the talent of those people, and our admission and communications people. All in all, the hours of painstaking editing and deliberations about which images to use, which students to feature and how to be true to ourselves paid off.

The suite of pieces in the Nobles viewbook package was very strategic: we wanted to convey information in a vibrant way, be accurate, and make it an enjoyable experience for a prospective student. To build intimacy and trust with students considering Nobles, we created the Insider’s Guide, a collection of actual students’ candid perspectives. In this guide as throughout the viewbook and accompanying pieces, we consciously addressed topics like ethnic diversity, gender balance, and stereotyping in a direct and honest way. For example, in one prominent shot, we used Photoshop to remove a student of color, since the ratio of students of color to white students in the image was not true to Nobles numbers.

The Insider’s Map was also a tongue-in-cheek attempt to make the viewbook package fun and enticing to a prospective student, and to balance the sense of humor and reverence for history that permeates the Nobles experience. It also gives a good sense of the campus; our students are incredibly fortunate to have all of the resources they do.

Although our admission “season” is just beginning, the response to the new suite has been overwhelmingly positive. The piece has been well-received by prospectives as well as the internal community, who have complimented it for achieving the same goals we set for ourselves.