Periodical Staff Writing for External Audiences: University of Pittsburgh - 2007 Bronze Medal

Category 26: Periodical Staff Writing for External Audiences
University of Pittsburgh, Pitt Magazine

Contact: Robert Hill, vice chancellor for public affairs, 400 Craig Hall, 200 S. Craig St., Pittsburgh, PA 15260, Phone: (412) 624-8891, e-mail:

Purpose/Objectives: Pitt Magazine is the flagship publication of the University of Pittsburgh. The magazine’s primary objective is to tell engaging, thought-provoking, and sometimes entertaining stories about Pitt as a way to connect our readers with the institution’s accomplishments and mission as a “leader in education, pioneer in research, and partner in community development.”

Specifically, we aim to tell stories that illuminate the positive outcomes produced in the world by Pitt people, programs, and activities. Each issue, we share—with our 235,000 readers nationwide—tales of students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Pittsburgh who, like the University itself, are engaged in ventures that convey leadership, explore education, advance knowledge, expand research frontiers, and nourish community spirit.

Audience: Our primary audience consists of alumni, faculty, and staff of the University, who range widely in age, race, background, religious belief, political opinion, and much more. Because we have a large, national audience, we aim to ensure that the magazine appeals to a wide range of people who typically are also reading other magazines that reach a national audience.

Circulation: 235,000

Frequency: Four times a year

Staffing: The magazine employs four full-time staff and three part-time staff (from other departments within the Office of Public Affairs). We also use freelance writers, photographers, and illustrators to enrich the voices and creative perspectives in the publication.

Total Annual Budget: $500,000