Periodical Staff Writing for External Audiences: Tufts University - Gold Medal

Category 26: Periodical Staff Writing for External Audiences
Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, Tufts Dental Medicine

Contact: Karen Bailey, editor, Office of Publications, 200 Boston Ave., Suite 4600, Medford, MA 02155, Phone: (617) 627-2126, e-mail:

Articles entered:
“Franklin’s Tooth” by Jacqueline Mitchell
“My New Gums” By Jacqueline Mitchell
“Public Health Scourge” by Jacqueline Mitchell
“In Harmony” by Julie Flaherty
“Head Games” by Jacqueline Mitchell

Purpose/objective of publication: Tufts Dental Medicine is the twice-annual magazine of Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The overarching goals of the magazine are to increase alumni pride in the school; report on significant trends in the field of dental medicine and in oral health care; chronicle the achievements of alumni, faculty, and students in the field and in other endeavors; provide perspective on future directions in education, research, and patient care; serve as a recruitment tool for prospective students and faculty; and increase external visibility for Tufts University School of Dental Medicine.

The magazine endeavors to entertain and engage its readers with stories that are often quirky, and sometimes unanticipated. We explore the human side of the profession, show how dentists are making a difference in their patients’ lives and in the larger world—and hopefully, in some small way, elevate the profession’s standing in the health-care field.

Most of all, we work hard to be read.

As one alumnus, who is an emeritus faculty member at Ohio State University’s College of Dentistry, wrote us a few weeks back, “Tufts Dental Medicine is a step-forward in comparison with others and makes me proud to be an alumnus.” From this magazine editor’s perspective, it just doesn’t get any better than that.

Audiences: The magazine is distributed free of charge to all Tufts dental school alumni, faculty, staff, administration, students, prospective students, Tufts University trustees, Tufts University overseers, donors and friends of the school, and the deans of all U.S. dental schools.

Circulation: The press run is 12,000.

Frequency: The magazine is published twice a year (winter and summer).

Staffing: The magazine does not have any full-time dedicated staff. The editor of the magazine is the editorial director for Tufts’ Office of Publications, overseeing the production of three other university alumni magazines as well as the university’s monthly online newspaper and three school newsletters. Two publications office staff writers contribute to the magazine, but they also write for the other university alumni magazines as well as the online newspaper and newsletters.

Total annual budget: The annual cost of the magazine (excluding salaries and postage) is approximately $75,000.