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Johns Hopkins University, Johns Hopkins Magazine

Contact: Catherine Pierre, editor, 901 S. Bond St., Suite 540, Baltimore, MD 21231, Phone: (443) 287-9885, e-mail:

Objectives of Johns Hopkins Magazine: The alumni, faculty, and staff of Johns Hopkins University are a disparate bunch who had wildly divergent experiences during their years at Johns Hopkins. While best known for its medical school and hospital, the university also boasts renowned schools of public health, arts & sciences, engineering, business, education, nursing, international studies, and music. Hopkins’ campuses are scattered throughout Baltimore and Washington D.C.--and reach as far afield internationally as Bologna, Nanjing, and Singapore. Adding to the less-than-cozy student experience is the fact that graduate students far outnumber undergraduates, and always have. Moreover, in recent years the percentage of alumni who attended Hopkins as part-time students has skyrocketed, now accounting for more than one third of our 120,000 total alumni.

Clearly, our readers share few common memories of particular places, people, and events. What they do share is a deep respect for the life of the mind, as it reflects their Hopkins experience. They like to be intellectually challenged—to be drawn into a lively debate of ideas and contemporary issues—and they look to their magazine as a source of continuing education. With each issue, we strive to exemplify the best, in terms of fascinating people and provocative ideas, that each division and its alumni has to offer.

We also want to be the trusted source that readers turn to for information about the university and issues important to higher education. That means responsibly covering controversy and including the bad news with the good. That also means presenting news about the university’s students, faculty, and administrators in a candid, objective, and comprehensive fashion that allows critical voices to be heard.

Audience: Alumni, parents, faculty, senior staff, policy leaders, and friends

Circulation: 148,000

Frequency of Magazine: Five times yearly (February, April, June, September, November)

Staffing: When fully staffed, we have five dedicated staff members: editor, associate editor, two senior writers, and art director. We also have additional design and production support from a departmental designer.

Total annual budget (excluding salaries and postage): $477,762