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Contac: Joe Wilensky, editor, 312 College Ave., Ithaca, NY 14850, Phone: (607) 255-4206, e-mail:

Planning and objectives: The Cornell Chronicle’s mission is to provide timely and informative coverage of university issues, policies, programs, people, research, and educational activities for the greater Cornell community and friends of the university. Among our objectives are to create a wider understanding and appreciation of the university’s educational mission for both internal and external audiences, and to promote the outreach efforts of students, faculty, and staff.

Our objectives are to keep our readers informed via the Cornell Chronicle (and the Chronicle Online) about increasing understanding and recognition of the university’s academic programs; helping interpret, explain and publicize outcomes and initiatives generated by university programs, centers and institutes, faculty members, students and staff; interpreting and publicizing the university’s research and outreach efforts, which benefit people and populations in the United States and around the world; and publicizing those initiatives that support the university’s land-grant mission in New York state.

The Chronicle (which was redesigned in 2005, using whiter newsprint and featuring numerous new features and columns) provides a new and arresting showcase for the week’s most interesting and notable stories. We also feature a weekly calendar; a weekly FOCUS pages on programs, areas and themes; and we profile faculty, staff and students.

Audiences: The Cornell Chronicle’s primary audience is the campus communities in Ithaca and New York City. On the Ithaca campus alone, the Cornell Chronicle is responsible for keeping more than 9,000 faculty and staff and 19,000 students informed, and our extended audience includes the local Ithaca community, friends of Cornell University and 200,000 alumni. The Cornell Chronicle’s audience also includes the public, and several hundred Chronicles each week also are distributed to several dozen spots in the surrounding community, including the Tompkins County Airport, supermarkets, hotels, and a major newsstand. A few hundred issues a week are also sent to Cornell’s several New York City campus locations.

Much of the Chronicle’s content is posted on the Chronicle Online, at, and a PDF of each week’s issue is also posted online.


  • Budget: The Cornell Chronicle’s annual operating budget (not including salaries) is $135,360. The budget for printing the Cornell Chronicle is about $85,000. The Chronicle publishes 37 weekly issues during the academic semesters. It is distributed free of charge, though some mail subscribers pay a small fee to cover postage. The weekly press run averages about 12,500 copies. The cost of the weekly press run is about $1,950, or about 16 cents a copy.
  • Staffing: Four full-time science writers, two social sciences and humanities writers, the Chronicle editor and graphic designer, the Chronicle Online Web editor, administrative staff and four student science writer interns.

    The Chronicle’s dedicated staff includes an editor and a graphic designer. Stories are provided by Cornell Chronicle writers and several student interns. Photos are provided by Cornell’s University Photography, occasional freelance photographers and are also submitted by sources for stories who work with the writers. Some graphics are provided by Cornell’s Office of Publications and Marketing.