Web-Based or Electronic HTML External Audience Tabloids and Newsletters: Hawken School - Bronze Medal

Category 21B: Web-Based or Electronic HTML External Audience Tabloids and Newsletters
Hawken School, H@wkeNews

Contact: Laura Lewis Kovac, director of communications, PO Box 8002, Gates Mills, OH 44040, Phone: 440-423-2952, e-mail:


Purpose/Objectives: Hawken’s monthly electronic newsletter was conceived with the purpose of driving traffic to the school’s Web site,, and building community by informing constituents of news and upcoming events. Newsletter items link to feature stories, newly created sections of Hawken’s growing Web site, fundraising information, and downloadable audio files. A monthly contest calls for alumni to become involved in the growth of Hawken’s electronic photo archives.

Design Choice Explanation: H@wkeNews has a straightforward design with feature-like articles and accompanying photos in the left column, and announcement-like items in the right-hand column. Leads are kept short and link to full stories, thereby driving traffic to the Web site.

Audience: Hawken’s monthly electronic newsletter is emailed to Middle and Upper School students, parents, faculty and staff, and alumni.

Staffing: A full-time communications associate writes feature articles, composes the layout and broadcasts the eNews. The communications director plans and writes the electronic newsletter. The director of development conceived and oversees the newsletter.

Frequency: H@wkeNews is emailed to constituents monthly, except for July.

Total Annual Budget: There is no separate budget for Hawken’s electronic newsletter. The yearly budget for Web site expenses, which entails hosting and programming, is $12,000.

Effectiveness Evaluation: During September 1, 2006 through February 1, 2007, Hawken’s Web site received 1,482,267 page views, with an average of 296,453 page views per month and 9,881 page views per day.

On days Hawken’s electronic newsletter was sent, page views increased to an average of 13,940.

Hawken’s electronic monthly newsletter is e-mailed to 4,600 constituents.

The web evaluation software Urchin is used to analyze Web traffic data.

Response/Results: Hawken sent its first electronic newsletter in December 2005. At that time, page views averaged 5335 per day. The electronic newsletter has helped to promote the Web site and increase page views to the current 9,881 average. Articles are well received, enjoyed and appreciated by the Hawken community.