Special Interest Magazines: Brigham Young University - Bronze Medal

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Brigham Young University, Clark Memorandum
Bronze Medal Award

Contact: Norman Darais, director, publications and graphics, 218 UPB, Provo, UT, 84602, Phone: (801) 422-4711, e-mail:

The Clark Memorandum aims to communicate with friends and alumni of BYU’s J. Reuben Clark Law School and to promote the school’s objectives, including advancement.

The magazine’s staff includes a designer, an editor, a copy editor, and a photographer; these staff members employ the services of outside writers, illustrators, and photographers, as needed.

The magazine is produced twice annually.

Average pages per issue: 32.

Circulation: 7,000.

Total annual budget: approximately $50,000.

Average cost per issue: $28,000 at a unit cost of $4.

Reader response to the magazine has always been positive and heavy. Support of the law school among alumni and friends has been outstanding, with much credit given to communication via the Clark Memorandum.