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University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Endeavors

Contact: Jason Smith, associate editor, Information and Communications, 307 Bynum Hlal, Campus Box 4106, Chapel Hill, NC 27599-4106, Phone: (919) 962-7767, e-mail:

Purpose and objective: Endeavors engages its readers in the intellectual life of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by conveying the excitement of creativity, discovery, and the rigors and risks of the quest for new knowledge.

Staffing: In 2006, staff consisted of one editor, one associate editor, one editorial assistant, and two writers. One of the writers was the only staff member with 100 percent of his work time devoted to Endeavors. All other staff members worked on the magazine in percentages of work time ranging from 25 to 50.

Audience: We provide Endeavors to readers who have a vested interest in UNC-Chapel Hill’s research and creative activities. This includes life members of the alumni association, all UNC-Chapel Hill faculty and professional research staff, UNC trustees and other official boards and advisory groups, legislators and public officials, funding agencies, and media representatives.

Frequency: Three issues per year.

Average pages per issue: 36

Circulation: For 2006, average circulation was 37,500.

Total annual budget: $85,000. For 2006, costs, excluding salaries and postage, were $83,325.82.

Average cost per issue and unit cost: For 2006, excluding salaries and postage, average cost per issue was $27,775.27. Average unit cost, excluding salaries and postage, was 74 cents.

Response/results: In order to gauge the effectiveness of our publication, we rely on comments and feedback from readers, university faculty and administration, research magazine staff at other universities, and other entities ranging from CASE to our printing company.