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National University Institute for Wellness and Peak Performance – San Diego 6 Web Site (

Contact: Keith Kanzel, director, communications group, National University System, 11355 North Torrey Pines Rd., La Jolla, CA 92037, Phone: (858)642-8235, e-mail:

Background: San Diego 6 is a Web site that promotes a healthy lifestyle for children. Serving as a complement to the San Diego 6 children’s television show, the Web site features podcasts, recipes, exercise information, health news, and video games. The playful-by-design Web site features six students ages 9-12 and a young mentor as they explore various health topics of interest to young people. It stresses the positive values of being outdoors, eating right and exercising.

Objective: The objective of the San Diego 6 Web site, is to identify it as a part of the National University Institute for Wellness and Peak Performance, a group dedicated to the dissemination of information regarding health and peak performance.

The San Diego 6 Web site is linked to curriculum in third grade classrooms. Students download podcasts every other week that show the San Diego 6 team participating in fun activities and making healthy snacks. The primary objectives are to raise awareness of healthy eating and fun ways to be active for children. In addition we introduce iPod technology and podcasting to an underserved community.

Design: The Web site was designed to appeal to its primary audience, children ages 8-12. Through its bold, interactive graphics, use of bright colors, and inviting, playful theme, the Web site is meant to convey messages of health, activity, eating right, fun in the sun, and a California cool to its youthful audience. Using interactive Flash features, each link or button makes a “bo-ing” sound and “bounces” when a user clicks on it. Suggestive of a virtual playground, the design of the site engages its audience so that they can learn the site’s content in a fun way.

Audience: Primary audience: Third graders at Willow School in San Ysidro; Secondary audience: children ages 8-10 who view the television show, their parents, teachers, and school administrators.

Resources: The San Diego 6 Web site was created by Debra Schneiger, James Jaurez and Ty Mabrey for a cost of $5000. The logo was designed in-house by a graphic designer. Students from National University’s School of Media and Communications gain real-world experience by creating and editing the TV show, podcasts, and more.

Plan for Evaluation: We planned to assess the awareness of healthy lifestyle habits in the third grade classroom and make any modifications to our programming based on the feedback we received.

Response and Results: Yes, we did pre and post assessment with the Willow School third grade class. Our results illustrated the following:

  • Health Knowledge -- The third graders self-assessed an improvement in their own health knowledge by 22.7 percent.
  • Overall fitness, health and nutrition -- The third graders self-assessed an improvement in their own overall fitness, health and nutrition by 14.8 percent.
  • Technology use and understanding -- The third graders self-assessed an improvement in their own technology understanding by 25 percent.

The Web site serves to effectively promote the San Diego 6 group, which introduces health concepts to youth in a fun, memorable way. San Diego 6 was created by National University’s Institute for Wellness and Peak Performance.