Best Articles of the Year

249 Entries

Gold Medals

Cornell University, (Cornell Alumni Magazine, "Dr. Eponymous")
Johns Hopkins University, (John Hopkins Magazine, "The Rivalry")
Stanford University/Stanford Alumni Association, (Stanford, "")
University of Notre Dame, (Notre Dame Magazine, "The Soul of the University")
Vanderbilt University, (Vanderbilt Magazine, "The Girl Can't Help It")
Yale University, (Yale Alumni Magazine, "For Country")

Silver Medals

Dartmouth College, (Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, "Canoes")
Duke University, (Duke Magazine, "The Woes of Kilimanjaro")
Harvard University, (Harvard Magazine, "The Deadliest Sin")
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, (Johns Hopkins Public Health, " Microcosmos")
Northeastern University, (Northeastern University Magazine, "The Warden")
Tulane University, (Tulanian, "Ira Harkey's War of Words")
University of California, San Diego, (@UCSD, "Oh the Places He Did Go")
University of New Hampshire, (University of New Hampshire Magazine, "Crustaceans with Attitude")
University of Pennsylvania, (The Pennsylvania Gazette, " Dentist of the Purple Sage")
Wesleyan University, (Wesleyan, "Murder Will Out")

Bronze Medals

Duke University, (Duke Magazine, "Sleepless in Southgate")
Emory University, (Emory Magazine, "To the Source")
University of California, San Francisco, (UCSF Magazine, "Losing Paradise")
University of Georgia, (Georgia Magazine, "And the Dead Shall Rise")
University of Notre Dame, (Notre Dame Magazine, "God's Arms Are Very Long"
University of Notre Dame, (Notre Dame Magazine, "Into Thin Air")
Vanderbilt University, (Vanderbilt Magazine, "The Long Road Home")
Vanderbilt University Medical Center, (House Organ, "Of Death and Dying at VUMC")