Periodical Staff Writing

Awards will be given for excellence in staff-written articles for magazines and periodicals. Writing may be externally or internally focused but must appear in a single periodical that is published at least twice a year. Staff members may be full-time or part-time, but they must be on the payroll and their names appear on the masthead of the magazine or periodical. Periodicals with only one paid staff member are encouraged to enter. Work of contributing editors/writers who are paid per piece is not eligible. Also, articles reprinted from other sources are not eligible. Judges will review five individual articles that are representative of the scope and variety of the staff writing in your periodical. 

Institutions should be entered in the appropriate subcategory. 

  • Institutions located in CASE Districts I-IV:  Enter here 
  • Institutions located in CASE Districts V-VIII or outside the United States and Canada (Europe, Asia-Pacific, America Latina):  Enter here 

Entry Questions

Entry Instructions

Judging Criteria

Entry Questions
  • Title of entry
  • Provide a concise description of this entry
  • Please provide the names of staff who worked on this entry
  • State objectives and how they support your institution's mission
  • List your target audience(s) and how you addressed their needs
  • Please provide the name of the head of your institution
  • So that we may recognize our winners through social media, please provide your institution's preferred @handle and/or #hashtag. (For example: @CASEAdvance #CASECOE)
  • Attach PDFs of five staff-written articles from a single institutional periodical published in the last year. Include a title, author, and brief description for each.
  • Share any additional information to clarify the purpose and/or outcome of this work

Entry Instructions

Five individual articles from the same periodical constitute a single entry. All stories must have been published in print or online between Jan. 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2017.

  1. Submit your entry with attachments through our online entry process.
  2. Your entry form and supporting documents must be submitted online no later than March 9, 2018. This category will be reviewed electronically and need not be mailed to the judging location. However, please print out your entry application for your records.

Judging Criteria

Grand Gold, Gold, Silver and Bronze medal awards may be given for excellence in staff-written articles for magazines and periodicals.

The judges will look for:

  • superior writing style, organization, and careful editing
  • creative story ideas and development
  • an understanding of your institution's mission and the ability to communicate that mission through imaginative writing