Why you should nominate

University of Manchester Circle of Excellence Awards winners with Sue Cunningham CASE President at the CASE Europe Annual ConferenceNo matter the size of your school, college, university or organisation, the CASE Europe Awards are a great way to recognise success, promote talent and help external audiences know they are working with exceptional people.

Market yourself, your colleagues and your institution

The CASE Europe Awards let prospects, donors, alumni, colleagues, investors, peers and competition know they are dealing with award-winning professionals and a leading institution.

Benchmark your team’s work

The CASE Europe Awards are judged by a select group of your peers. These professionals have worked within the sector, know the challenges you face and recognise great work that goes in to overcoming those challenges. If you want to know if your institution’s work stands up against the work of others, there is no better group to ask.

Add value

Endorsement through the CASE Europe Awards highlights not just the individual but also the team’s good work and efforts. If you are looking to raise your department’s profile, inspire confidence and gain support from senior leaders for new projects or additional resources, the CASE Europe Awards can be a great way of demonstrating your value.

Motivate your team

The CASE Europe Awards are a great way to reflect upon your team’s work, assess success and show how far they have come and the difference they have made to your institution.

Attract new talent

As your team expands or members move into new positions, you will be looking to recruit new talent into your team. Use the Awards to promote both the recognition of individual talent as well as the calibre of your existing team.