CASE Europe Schools Engagement Award

Schools Engagement Award Winner Michaela Seeger with CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham

The CASE Europe Schools Engagement Award recognises nominees that have led an innovative programme of external engagement with external and internal stakeholders (staff, parents, donors, former pupils, etc) or a teacher that has successfully and measurably enhanced relationships for a school and its community.

  • Advancement professionals, volunteers or institutional leaders (heads, governors, trustees, etc) working in a school or college which teaches under 18s.
  • The nominee's work must be based in Europe
  • This award is open to nominations from individuals working in CASE member institutions
  • Individuals can nominate themselves for this award providing they fulfil the same criteria and follow the same nomination procedure.
  • The nomination should demonstrate the nominee's leadership in the pursuit of a school's/college's mission through engagement with stakeholders
  • The nomination must include measurable evidence of excellence, innovation and impact
  • The nomination must demonstrate the nominees particular achievements and show a track record of consistent and credible performance
Nomination Form and Fee

All nominations must come through the online form and submit the nomination fee (£40/€45 per entry)

A separate form should be completed for each nomination. Evidence to support the nomination is submitted using the online form.

This should include 500 words explaining why the nominee is suitable and three supporting letters endorsing the nomination. The three letters should come from three additional individuals to the person nominating.

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Previous winners


Year Winner Position at time of nomination Institution/Organisation
2017 Michaela Seeger Wolf Director of Community Relations Zurich International School
2016 John Claughton (Commendation) Former Chief Master The Independent Schools of King Edward VI, Birmingham, UK
2016 Jo Ballantine Director of Development Royal Latin School, UK
2015  Sean Davey Development Director Reigate School, UK
2015 Helen Clapham [Commendation] Director of External Relations Grammar School at Leeds, UK
2014 2013 Gala Committee [Commendation] International School of Paris, France
2013 HHJ David A Stockdale QC, MA Member of the capital campaign committee Giggleswick School, UK
2012 Simon Lerwill Development Director King Edward's School, UK
2011 Hyman Bielsky Trustee and Co-Chair, Development Committee King's College London, UK
2011 Karen Brush Trustee and Co-Chair, Development Committee The American School in London, UK