Past Winners


Lisa Gibert, Chief Executive Officer, Clark College Foundation
Tiffani K. Shaw, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer, University of Iowa Center for Advancement


Lynette Marshall, President and CEO, University of Iowa Foundation
Donna Vuchinich, President and CEO, University of Hawaii Foundation


Lisa Eslinger, Senior Vice President of Finance & Operations, Iowa State University Foundation
Dr. Kimberly A Russell, Chancellor, Louisiana State University at Eunice


James H. Moore Jr., president and chief executive officer, University of Arizona Foundation
Diane L. Shoger, executive director, Monroe Community College Foundation


Leonard Raley, president and chief executive officer, University System of Maryland Foundation


J. Michael Goodwin, president and chief executive officer, Oregon State University Foundation
James C. Miller, president and chief executive officer of the North Dakota State University Development Foundation


John B. Carter Jr., president and chief operating officer of Georgia Tech Foundation
Betheny L. Reid, president of the Dallas County Community College District Foundation


Lisa Heise, controller, Great Basin College Foundation
John R. Stropp, former president, University of New Mexico Foundation


Thomas J. Mitchell, president, University of California, Irvine Foundation
Andrew A. "Sandy" Wilcox, president, University of Wisconsin Foundation


Elizabeth King, president and CEO, Wichita State University Foundation
Rickey McCurry, chief executive officer, Southern Illinois University Foundation


Ed Davis, president, Texas A&M University Foundation
Susan Kubik, executive director, Northampton Community College Foundation


Brenda Babitz, president, Monroe Community College Foundation
Leslie Bram, associate vice president and chief operating officer, University of Florida Foundation
F. Duke Perry, retired president and chief executive officer, West Virginia University Foundation


Gerald Fischer, president and CEO, University of Minnesota Foundation
Karen MacArthur, executive director, Delta College Foundation


David W. Bahlmann, president and chief executive officer, Ball State University Foundation


Brad Choate, president and chief executive officer, Minnesota Medical Foundation at the University of Minnesota
James Lanier Jr., president, East Carolina University Foundation
Russell M. Robinson II, chairman, University of North Carolina Charlotte Foundation


Amos Orcutt, president, University of Maine Foundation
Cheryle Mitvalsky, vice president, resource development, Kirkwood Community College Foundation
Joseph F. Phelan, consultant, Newmarket, New Hampshire


John K. Martin, president and chief executive officer, University of Maryland Foundation
Julia Kilduff, executive director, Lewis and Clark Community College Foundation
James W. Leslie, former executive director, University of Rhode Island Foundation


Curtis R. Simic, president, Indiana University Foundation
John E. Clinton, executive vice president and chief executive, Shippensburg University Foundation
Eric B. Wentworth, former director of the National Clearinghouse for Institutionally Related Foundations, CASE