About the Circle of Excellence Awards Program

The Circle of Excellence Awards Program delivers great value for CASE member institutions, individual practitioners and the advancement community by enabling you to:

Gain Recognition

The awards acknowledge superior accomplishments that have lasting impact, demonstrate the highest level of professionalism and deliver exceptional results. Some winners are showcased on the CASE website, in the November/December issue of Currents magazine, in the CASE Award Winners booklet, at the annual Summit for Advancement Leaders and at the annual CASE NAIS conference.

Benchmark Excellence

By entering, you’ll see how you stack up against your peers and colleagues and how you can learn from their accomplishments. Publications from many winning entries are added online as well as judges’ notes, organized by category, to serve as a resource for future Circle of Excellence Awards entrants.

Be Judged by Your Peers

Circle of Excellence Awards are judged by your colleagues, who understand the challenges, opportunities and rewards inherent in the advancement profession; value creativity and innovation; appreciate the complex demands of campus environments and recognize the role of advancement practitioners in enhancing the quality and reputations of educational institutions.

Build the Profession

Award-winning programs epitomize the profession’s best practices. They not only provide great value to their institutions but also contribute to the betterment of advancement overall. As such, they help nurture our profession’s deeply rooted culture of sharing, collegiality and cooperation. The CASE Library solicits print samples of winning entries from past Circle of Excellence Awards to provide CASE Premier Members with an inspiring collection of winning strategies and best practices to adopt in their own work.

Strengthen On-campus Credibility

The Circle of Excellence celebrates programs that measure up to high standards, contribute to a growing body of knowledge and add substance and insight to the profession and its practitioners.