About CASE
The Washington Affirmation 2010

The CASE Board of Trustees and the CASE Europe Board of Trustees affirm that CASE is one global organization headquartered in Washington, D.C., which aims to build a distinctive presence around the world, based on strong local operations, and that together we will:

  • Actively develop our roles and responsibilities as the world's leading association for institutional and professional development in the field of educational advancement.
  • Pursue a global vision that advocates for governmental and institutional policies and encourages philanthropy and volunteerism to create a supportive climate for educational advancement.
  • Place high priority on local service to institutional and professional members, adapted and relevant to their needs and delivered through the appropriate regional and district organizations.
  • Promote ethical practice and sound operating principles among all advancement professionals.
  • Serve as careful stewards of our honorable professions and our global organization.
  • Support members around the world as they build and strengthen their advancement activities in order to enhance educational quality and expand educational opportunity.
  • Respect the cultures in which we operate, consistent with our overall mission, vision and values.
  • Draw strength from all parts of our network to benefit member institutions and advancement professionals wherever they may be located.
  • Foster the spirit of collegiality and sharing that has been the hallmark of CASE throughout its history and extend that spirit across borders.
  • Engage advancement professionals and institutional leaders in volunteer roles and in the governance of the association, both within and across geographies.
  • Continue to strengthen and coordinate operations at all levels within CASE to ensure the highest quality and most cost effective service to members.
  • Ensure that our governance structure evolves in line with our vision and the needs of our membership.

Cassie S. McVeety, Chair
CASE Board of Trustees

Prof. Sir Duncan Rice, Chair
CASE Europe Board of Trustees

30 JUNE 2010