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The CASE Global Compact

On the occasion of the April 2013 convocation of the CASE Board of Trustees, the CASE Europe Board of Trustees, and representatives of the CASE Asia-Pacific Advisory Council and the CASE América Latina Advisory Group ─ the fourth joint meeting of the two governing boards and the first meeting to include members of the two advisory bodies ─ we resolve:

  • That from its founding 40 years ago, CASE's mission has been to advance education without regard to national boundaries and out of an abiding belief that increasing educational opportunity is essential to improving the human condition. We applaud the volunteers, members and staff who have contributed to the creation of a truly global organization of educational institutions including CASE Europe, CASE Asia-Pacific and CASE América Latina as well as the ongoing development of operations in the United States and Canada.
  • That CASE will continue to earn its place as the world leader in educational advancement by promoting best practices and the highest standards in the profession while celebrating institutional, cultural and social differences; by developing organization-wide synergies and leveraging our global scope while strengthening our regional operations; and by committing ourselves to continuous improvement in our services while carefully stewarding the resources that our members provide.
  • That the key measure of our success is the effectiveness of our members in engaging stakeholders and creating a culture of philanthropy, a spirit of volunteerism and broad public support for educational institutions worldwide.
  • That our first priority is to ensure quality service to our current membership, even as we welcome opportunities to grow membership within the existing regions as well as within regions not currently served by CASE. We will actively evaluate those opportunities based on institutional interest, volunteer support, potential for sustainability and the relevance of CASE's services to demonstrated needs and capabilities among potential members.
  • That we will conduct ourselves in a manner that preserves the trust placed in us by our stakeholders. We value integrity, transparency, civility and adaptability. We will continue to develop policies and programs that encourage volunteerism and collegiality, that promote respect for our profession and that underscore the importance of the integration of advancement disciplines. CASE will be a force for good in the world.

Paul E. Sheff
Chair, CASE Board of Trustees

Eric Thomas
Chair, CASE Europe Board of Trustees

Marina Tan Harper
Member, CASE Asia-Pacific Advisory Council

Germán Campos Valle
Chair, CASE América Latina Advisory Group

6 April 2013