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February 6, 2018

Latest VSE Survey Results Provides “Exciting” Snapshot of U.S. Philanthropy

Statement by CASE President and CEO Sue Cunningham

WASHINGTON, D.C.—The Council for Aid to Education's 2017 Voluntary Support of Education survey results provide a snapshot of philanthropy in the United States, and the picture is exciting. We at the Council for Advancement and Support of Education are heartened to see the unwavering commitment of support to colleges and universities in the United States.

Philanthropic giving contributes directly to the ability of these institutions to deliver on their mission to transform lives and society by preparing students for future endeavors, providing critical research advancements touching every aspect of life and directly enhancing the communities and regions they serve.

The VSE survey is a valuable measure of philanthropic support in rapidly changing times for higher education. It is vital that the focus and work of colleges and universities in the United States continues to flourish; the survey results demonstrate longstanding commitment and partnerships between generous individuals and organizations and the dedicated institutional leaders and advancement professionals at colleges and universities. The results mark an opportunity to celebrate this dedication and collaboration that sustains and enhances higher education in the United States.

CASE honors the good work of our colleagues and members who provide excellence in advancement professions at colleges and universities throughout the United States, and thanks the foresight of individuals and organizations who understand the importance of investing in these vital assets.

The results help advancement leaders approach 2018 with a sense of cautious optimism while the impact of the recent U.S. tax code changes become more clear during the next few months.

Sponsored in part by CASE, the VSE survey requires participants to report their numbers following the CASE Reporting Standards & Management Guidelines for Educational Fundraising, 4th Edition.

The comprehensive results of the VSE survey will be published in spring 2018. Learn more about the survey and how to purchase the results. 

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