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June 22, 2009

February Declared Matching Gift Month by Matching Gift Advisory Council

Leesburg, VA-The month of February has been designated as Matching Gift Month, HEP Development's Matching Gift Advisory Council (MGAC) announced today, with the first celebration set for February, 2010.

The establishment of February as Matching Gift Month will allow nonprofits and companies to build awareness of matching gifts benefits, celebrate achievements and inspire more companies to establish matching gift programs. Nonprofits will also be able to remind donors of pending matching gifts and thank them and companies alike.

The celebrations and activities will include connecting with current and prospective matching gift donors via a variety of channels- and providing special "thank you" communications and events.

MGAC is the only forum of leading nonprofit professionals focused exclusively on matching gifts, and its primary goals include educating nonprofits and encouraging more companies to embrace matching gift programs.

"Nearly 16,000 companies and subsidiaries offer matching gift programs as a benefit to their employees. About 4,500 of the 16,000 match volunteer time, and many match retirees and spousal giving. Nationally, we have seen, on average, roughly one in 10 donors being matching gift-eligible," said Marianna Funk, HEP Director of Research.

The Matching Gift Month celebration will coincide with another February event - International Corporate Philanthropy Day, which the internationally active Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy (CECP) began four years ago to showcase strategic corporate philanthropy.

Building upon such initiatives, nonprofits will capitalize on these February events to promote matching gifts and to enhance relationships with the companies that support and promote them. CECP's 175 members represent CEOs and chairpersons focused on corporate philanthropy, and they include many Fortune 100 companies.

"We need to thank the Annual Giving team at Case Western Reserve University for suggesting the establishment of this idea, the result of a brainstorming session. Matching Gift Month will certainly allow non profits to create further awareness of the importance of corporate matching gift programs. Even in the current downturn, we are seeing some nonprofits continue to grow matching gifts by finding more matching gift-eligible donors through new and innovative techniques," said Stephen Hafner CEO of HEP Development

"Matching gifts continue to be an important component of many of our fundraising programs. Like so many other opportunities, anything that we can do collectively to help promote or enhance these and other avenues of corporate philanthropy will help all of our causes in new ways." said Brian Dowling Chief Information Officer VGH & UBC Hospital Foundation

"Our organization has quadrupled matching gift revenue over the last three years, raising nearly $10 million annually," said Guy Fischer, Chief Development Officer, American Cancer Society.

HEP Development develops tools to create donor awareness and assist nonprofits in finding matching gift-eligible donors. For more information, please visit www.hepdata.com or contact John Wright at HEP Development directly at 800-681-4438 or e-mail jwright@hepdata.com.